5 • Sharing What You Know With the World

1. Clean up and finish last week’s assignment

If you haven't finished your web page, do so and deposit your new folder with the .html document and the .jpg image in the Drop folder on Yorba.
This is not a completed assignment if it is not handed in.

Checklist to see if your web page works:

Drag the .html document into a browser window.
• Does the title of your page show up in the browser window's title bar?
• Is the .jpg visible?

Possible reasons it's not visible or shows up as a broken link icon
JPG and HTML document not in the same folder, so improperly linked
Image is not saved as a .jpg

2. Choose your tutorial topic

From the Techno .09 folder, drag the tutorials.html document into an open browser window. (Double-clicking it will open it in Dreamweaver and it won't be interactive)
Visit www.ehow.com or www.learn2.com for ideas for your own tutorial.

3. Submitting your proposal for your tutorial topic

When you have decided on the topic of your tutorial...
email a short summary sentence explaining it to


Please include your name and class day in the email.

Enjoy your October break!