As preparation for creating a movie, students were asked to email a script about the future they foresee.


As I speak without moving my mouth and doing things without using my body, that's how I'm going to perform it.

"As you can see I'm speaking without moving my mouth and all I have in this wire connected to the back of my ear and this square device that projects the sounds of what I'm thinking, in my exact tone of voice. I can also make a mouse move and click on a computer screen with this handy device, but for this I have to attach another wire from the square device to the rear of the keyboard. Therefore I can play computer games as well, without moving a single part of my body just by thinking of every key to press."

I would like to tell you about my predictions for the future. I think that the future won't be very different from the present because people thought that the year 2000 everything would be different. And look even though we have found new ways and cures for some diseases we don't have cars that can fly or we haven't found a way to live forever. I think that there won't be a lot of big changes in the year 2005, but I think that we will be able to find a cure for AIDS, people will talk a little differently like we won't talk slang or anything. There will be a lot more pollution and the world will be over populated in some countries. There will be a lot less death and more natality, which will result in the whole world becoming over populated. That about does it for my predictions.


Mine's a news broadcast from the year 2011:

Jen: Good morning, and welcome to the Early Show. It's October 14, 2011, and today marks the 6th consecutive year of world peace. The economy is booming, foreign policies are flawless and the nation is happy. Since World War 3 (2003-05), the world has been on the rise. Different religions, politics, languages and cultures are coming together and cooperating. Although America remains the richest and most developed country, other nations are quickly catching up.
This doesn't seem to be a problem for our first woman president. In fact, President Andre-Johnson is handling the U.S.'s current position plenarily. It is said by most that no man could do the job as well, and that Mrs. Andre-Johnson is sure to be reelected.
And so with the utmost pride and satisfaction, I would like to welcome you to our sixth year of peace. May it last forever. On that note, I would like to remind you to tune in this evening for our special presentation of "America Over the Ages".
We now turn to Aidan for entertainment news.
Aidan: Good morning Jen and good morning American.
Jen: Good morning Aidan, how are things looking in the entertainment business?
Aidan: Well, Jen, it's looking mighty fine. There are quite a few new movies out this week and next week is premier week for many of the TV networks' new series. Not to mention the 2011 California Music Awards are coming up, and Amanda Stilgrass and Everest Jones tie the knot this weekend. The big movie this week is going to be Episode 7: Jedi Wars. Although this is the tenth in George Lucas' Star Wars series, audiences are still anticipating its release. This episode focuses on Han and Lea's son Jenelgue and his rivalry with Luke's daughter Anadiade. Although they are both Jedi, Jenelgue feels threatened by the fact the Anadiade is a woman. I'll admit the plot's cliché and the story was over played back in 2002 with the release of Episode 2, but the movie retains Lucas' flare for the unreal. It is a must see for all Star Wars followers. That's it for today's entertainment news, so back to you Jen.
Jen: I'll be sure to see that one. I was grown up on Star Wars. My parents loved them and so did my grandpa.
Aidan: Is that so?
Jen: Yeah
(they laugh)
Jen: Well that's all the time we have for you today. I'm Jen McBride with the Early Show wishing you a good morning, and excellent afternoon, and an even better night. Buh-bye!


Narration voice: "On this lovely day in July 2225, we find ourselves in San Francisco, on the edge on of Ocean Beach. Dolphins jump up and shout 'Hello!', playfully trying to start conversations with passers-by then plunge back down to their underwater city. We keep walking, crossing apes dressed in baggy clothes, and turn left at the floating escalators. The sun is beaming strongly down but not hard enough to melt the clear protective bubble around the city. A lonesome parrot advertises a new attraction park where one can come face to face with real dinosaurs and fly in one of the seemingly ancient spaceships from the year 2000.

"Finally we reach our destination: the Musée Digital. Here, one can see all the virtual wonders of the past. At the entrance an immense computer entertains a group of children by displaying on its screen a woman laughing hysterically, named Sally. The kids squeal with delight, as they run their cards under the scanner one more time. Historians claim that at the old Musée Méchanique, one needed coins to make mechanical machines function. The new generation has never even heard of or seen such strange ways of payment. The only way they know is to scan the cards they carry around their necks that have as much "money" in them as they put in the morning.

"Close to Sally is a hologram of a tough looking arm-wrestler. All you have to do is select the level of difficulty from the keyboard and put your elbow on the designated spot. As you push the 'air' with your hand the hologram reacts and pushes back. You think you're only pushing air, but you would be surprised at this man's strength!

"Continuing down a narrow hallway, we see one of the first robots ever created. This was of the "entertainment series" and depicted a small monkey dressed in a vest and hat. We can control its movements simply by moving ourselves, because as an old homo sapien saying says: monkeys do as they see done. The funny little robot dances and sways its arms and legs all about.

"Following the hall, we pass many fortunetellers, gypsies and grandmothers", all claiming to tell our future. Some are flat-screen computers; others are virtual three-dimensional floating torsos. Young couples stand before the wise women and ask them what will become of their relationships. Often satisfied, they walk away anticipating the future, with a small fortune written on a piece of paper, and play some of the virtual games.

"One of the greatest wonders of all is the three-dimensional carnival. With its twenty-eight rides and stands, tiny virtual people walk from ride to ride and take pleasure in games at the stands. The most amazing of them all is the old-fashion Ferris-wheel. It always has the longest line of little people waiting to enjoy the thrill of seeing the entire fairground from what seems like the top of the world! Bumper cars excite the people with more energy, not to mention the twelve roller coasters and various other high-speed rides.

"There are so many entertaining virtual gadgets to play with and sounds to hear that we wish we could stay forever, but we'll just have to come back another to time to see the rest of the captivating museum."


From a year 2344 interview with Allen Buler, the first human to have his life lengthened by biological engineering, concerning the changes he has noticed in his 237-year-and-counting life.

Allen Buler: ...I can remember when I was a teen-ager, and I first started driving a car. Those old cars, they were nothing like the multipurpose vehicles that we have today... Though I do believe that hovercrafts were just starting to be used then. Anyway, the car I drove would use gas, an expensive, flammable liquid, to fuel itself... I think we could only drive about 30 miles for each gallon of gas that we would use, and there were fumes from the gas, and they would really stink, the fumes... Anyway, as I was saying, those old cars were so different from the multipurpose vehicles that we have today. Now we can travel through the air or one the ground, using only solar power for fuel. And now we can reach amazing speeds, our airspeed can reach about three or four hundred miles an hour, and in these tiny multipurpose vehicles! It's hard to believe, really... In the larger scheme of things, everything has multiplied and grown, the cities and buildings, I mean, because of the massive growth of the world's population... All the buildings are very large, some have over three hundred stories! It's just like those old "Star Wars" movies we used to watch when I was a kid.


The world is in black and white. We have successfully taken out any personal identification known to man. Once the world was in war due to our differences, but now there is no more war. Everyone is finally created equal. Religions are now united into one that everybody worships. Instead of Islamic, Christianity, Hebrew, Hindi, Buddhist there is one great religion: unigion. Money has been eliminated. It had caused too many wars. With no money there is no society, no one can be of higher status because there is nothing to gain from it. Races are invisible to the eye because they to caused too many wars. Everyone wears the same gray tunic. Everyone learns the same information at school. Everyone dies at the same age, 83. There are no language barriers. A common language is spoken: English. The world is barren with no trees or mountains. The world is covered gray grass where there is no building. There is enough space for everyone to work and live. The houses all look the same: one story, three bedroom, two bath, one kitchen, one living room, one dining room, one garage. All marriages are arranged at birth, every couple will receive two children: one boy, one girl. There are no personal differences, no wants, no needs, and no feelings. This world has nothing but black and white, and it is a perfect world.


(read as an infomercial)
Hello guys and gals, I'm sure all of you are like have been wondering how the future for you will be. Will you be fat, will your dog runaway, will you flunk your trig test (you might not want to know the answer to that one...), etc. Well finally, you will be able to find out the secrets of the future by ordering the future ball. With this magnificent ball, all you do is ask a question and the answer will pop up. I have designed this ball to answer questions that I myself have answered. For example, I may ask, "In ten years, will there be a cure for cancer?" Now I shake the ball, and here's my answer..."No." So as you see, the ball reveals a secret of the future that I have personally programmed. Let us try again, shall we? All right, let me see...ah yes, "In 5 years, will J. K. Rowing be finished writing the 'Harry Potter' series?" "No." And again, we see the magnificence of the future ball. I have made many, many predictions that are just waiting to be shown to you in this wonderful ball, and for only $29.99, it is a steal (plus S&H and tax). Just call this number, 1-800-PSYCHIC, that's 1-800-679-1331. Call now!

Zach: In the future everything will be different . . .
The whole world will have been changed . . .
Some people will have died, others will have been born.
In the future skateboards will have jet engines and they'll be able to fly.
They will have made skateparks on the moon and mars.
And Tony Hawk's head will be living happily in a glass jar.
You'll be able to get three course meals in pill form.
And you exercise while you sleep.
Homeless people will have been given their own planet.
And old folks will all live on the moon because the low gravity is easy on the joints.
In the future, because of new medical discoveries, you'll only die if you want to or if you are killed.
All of the graves on earth will have been moved to a different planet also.
WW III and IV will have happened and no one will be allowed into Europe for another 240 years because of the biological weapons will that have been used there.
After WW III and WW IV, Africa (which had long before become a single country) became the world's strongest country. . .
They will have tried to give aid to the rest of the world but to no avail.
Americans will be in famine and starvation because the government will have spent all of their money in fighting the two wars. . .
Asia will have now become an ocean because of all the bombs that the various enemies dropped on it. That ocean will have been called the sea of the dead, in remembrance of all who were killed there.


From the Journal of Terry Eyua May 28 2589

I traveled to this once magnificent city for my year abroad, the guide took me to many place that even to day we do not know about. All the documents and most of the inhabitants were killed long before my birth in the great quake of 2023. We came upon a cluster of buildings lying like an elephant graveyard. My guide told me his great grand father had been a survivor and spoken for this place in stories, "he called it down town San Francisco". San Francisco, a place that was almost forgotten, a land that little children hear about in stories, or old people speak about between the medicines in hospitals. They said that the city was once a massive place, beautiful and decorated, known for excepting boys who loved other boys, and girls who cut their hair short and rode motor bikes. We walked down the streets slowly and I admired the beauty. I was almost hard to bear seeing things that once must have inspired people to run out and dance on the beaches. When we came to one of the buildings I almost cried. My guide told me this was once the most recognizable landmark in the city. A pyramid. They had built a pyramid. We walked along side it and I wanted to go in but the guide said no, I found gold letters scratched in to the glass, the Trans-America Pyramid it was the most beautiful and tragic thing I had seen, what was it? A meeting place? A home? What? We marched on, leaving the elephant yard for glass and stele and headed to park. It reminded me of home, and then it donned on me, what if this had been home? What if I had lived here? What would it have been like? We walked and walked till my feet were sore and there it was, the ocean, never had I seen anything so beautiful, it was untouched, I raised my hands to the sky and kissed the sand and cried, this water was the only survivor of the city, only it knew the truth.


Girl talking into a computer, her future diary. It types for her.
GIRL: Well, we've really outdone ourselves this time, haven't we? The world is going nuts, I swear. My grandmother was telling me the other day about how it was when she was younger, how America was a strong nation and the strongest actually. I know no one says it, but I think we're drowning in our own technology right now. And not just America, but everybody. Like virtual school through computers, how isolated is that? It's like we're all just living in our little time capsules, not actually even living. Today my mom set the living room to an Amazon background. This is what is what like:
The computer shows a tape recording or Girl and Mother talking. Mother sitting in a beach chair, staring off into the amazon with the living room furniture in the background. Not exactly a matching setting.
GIRL: Mom, WHY are you doing this again?
MOTHER: I needed to relax, is there a problem?
GIRL: sighs No, it's just, you're always here. Why don't you ever come outside anymore?
MOTHER: We've got all we need right here.
GIRL: But, don't you ever miss breathing REAL air?
MOTHER: This is air.
GIRL: Earth air, not man made air.
MOTHER: laughs I swear, you are just like your grandmother.
The computer goes back to the text, Girl talking again.
GIRL: Sometimes I wish I were Grandmother. At least she knew something other than this. Just because we can't see the real Amazon anymore, since we used that space for housing units (overpopulation big time) doesn't mean we should hide the fact that it's gone in making a fake one. It's so depressing. When I look out at the sky and see all those carplanes fly around, with their exhaust coming out, and I see there still hasn't been much attempt to make electrical cars. It's like we're all waiting until the world blows up to save it. I just wish that instead of the FAKE feel of grass and wind blowing on your face, and FAKE people to talk to, I could actually FEEL it for once, like how it was such a long time ago. I turned on the news today while my mom was "virtual" shopping online for dinner pills. Grandmother said we once had to make dinner instead of buying a pill and sticking it in a "virtual" oven. (WHY does everything have "virtual" in it??!!) Anyway, here is what was on:
The computer shows the news report, a virtual man sitting at a desk with a screen behind him.
MAN: Today, the 500th person has been cloned, setting a milestone in scientific research. Dr. Martin Frawn is deciding to put a new gadget on the market.
A contraption appears on the screen behind him. It is a large blue box, there is a complete science set in it, with tubes and beakers.
MAN: It is a clone at home kit! Now, humans cannot be cloned with this kit, but if you want to clone your cat, Dr. Frawn says that it's perfectly safe.
The computer goes back to text, Girl talking again.
GIRL: I don't know about you, but that just freaks me out. Like we don't have enough cats in this world already. My brother helped design to new, round, steel houses, the earthquake, fire, tornado, bomb proof houses. I'm proud of him and everything, but now people won't want to go out AT ALL. I guess no one wants to go outside anyway, considering how polluted it is and if I look out the right window I can see the garbage pile high in the sky. I dream a lot of how my grandmother lived, but I know that could never happen. And I know it'd be impossible to change the state the world's in now.


Interview with Ray Freebary, year 2088, Subject: Hydrofoil surfing

"I can still remember how it all got started. The hydrofoil surfing, I mean. There was this guy named Laird who started the hydrofoil surfing back in the 1990's or 2000's, I think. God, was this guy insane. You kids these days have no idea how strong these guys were. You know back then these guys were still paddling into 20+ foot waves, no jet skis or helicopters if they wiped out, just them and their board if they were lucky. Until this Laird guy came along. He was one of the first guys that started towing and figuring out the foot straps and all. Well he started towing in at Jaws and other places. Rode some mutant waves out at Tahiti I mean full on suck ups right over coral reef. Well Laird he wanted to ride the biggest swells in the world so he made the first hydrofoil "airboard" and started towing around with it all over the place. Yep, he was riding around on that under water wing and he was just cutting through the water like a knife. He could almost totally ignore chop. Barely any drag at all. He was just flying. So after a while people saw him every one else wanted to try it and now everyone is surfing airboards."


Well, here I am, ready to embark on the single adventure of my lifetime: a trip to Mars. The alternatives were financially unpleasant. You see, I am a translator, and almost entirely out of business on Earth.
In past ages, there were nearly three thousand languages on this planet. By the 1990s, two thirds of them had died. Nevertheless, there was still a pressing need for translators. Now, we are at the final stage of survival of the fittest: there are only six lingua francas still in existence. These are the toughest tongues on Earth.
Arabic has thrived, as Islam has continued to press into Sub-Saharan Africa. If Arabs living in the Middle East understand it, then so do Muslim religious scholars practically everywhere.
French, although no longer spoken in Africa, remains a common second language throughout Southern and Eastern Europe. A language of the elite in most regions, French is barely holding on.
Spanish has retained its immense population in Latin America, while neither acquiring new speakers, nor losing the old.
Russian has been fighting a losing battle for some time, and is approaching a final collapse in Eastern Europe and in those parts of Turkestan where the language was still spoken.
A new language has been invented, the fruit of fifty years of political and cultural planning around the Pacific Rim. This language uses ideograms borrowed mainly from Mandarin Chinese to enable written communication between East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Northwest Coast of America, with two exceptions. All of these countries have kept their spoken tongues, but write in this logogrammar.
Finally, English fills in the blanks everywhere, the legacy of the British Empire of the nineteenth century and of globalization in the twentieth. From Germany to Indonesia and Singapore (the two exceptions mentioned above), dialects of English are spoken.
You see, in just sixty years, hundreds of languages have died. I could have taken work as a classical translator, but such work is easily and quickly exhausted, and there's no future in that. My only choice is to go to the colony on Mars, where the residents speak a record fifty tongues of equal importance.
I leave you with this message from the Year of our Lord 2062.

Rebecca G
Script will be put on as a news caster:
Today at the international science development university of California, a time machine was revealed the new invention will be able to transport the patient mentally back into another time, wow, that sounds really interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing where else this will go. Also in our news, a Florida baby was injected with a brain development serum that actually enhanced it's learning capability by 7 times, the baby is now functioning at the age of an 8 year old, the baby is 10 months. Amazing what science can do! A fire yesterday became uncontrollable even after the use of an automatic fire extinguisher the fire raged through the forest of Montana and scorched over 100 acres, of national park! That really surprises me because those things were really working so darn well so far, I wonder what happened, we'll have further reports as soon as new information is received. The fire is still not controllable, apparently there is a lack of experienced firefighters! I certainly hope everything turns out all right! Well that's all for now on our quarterly update, stay tuned for more news!


Starts with the voice of a little girl:
"In the future, I'm going to live on the moon and be a doctor for all the space creatures. People, robots, animals will all be equal, they will all speak the same language, live in the same place and think the same way. There won't be any war, everyone will be happy and every wish made on a star will come true."

Changes into my normal voice:
"In the future there will be new technologies to help make wishes come true. I hope the world will come together to help stop war and to bring peace. I hope that in the future I will accomplish all my goals, and grow old with my close friends and family. And maybe, like the little girl said, we'll live on the moon."

"Come closer and look into glowing cauldron. I will foretell your future, as well as the life around you . The life you know now will evolve, into darker and brighter days. Days will be long, and nights short, and electricity will become even more solar powered than before. Movies will be nothing like you would imagine. Instead of staring at movies stars dance across the screen, people will stare at bright multicolored screens for hours, and receive the same effective entertainment. Movie stars will be used rarely to make classic films, and the concept of DVD players will be incomprehensible to the youngest generations.
Buildings will be taller than usual, streets much wider as well, to accommodate for larger vehicles. Cars will also include expandable wings that glide and soar in the sky high. Thought they will be pricey and rare to come by.
Designers will become more and more caught up in the fashion world, trying to think of new ideas constantly. But in the end, everyone looking alike.
The sky will be clean, thanks to solar energy. Since days will be longer, sun will shin more and grass, trees will grow stronger.
Though these are my predictions of the future, the course could always change. It all depends and the choices you make today."


I looked over the horizon as the translucent waves crashed upon the bold rocks and the hard sand. The tide was in, and I could see the sunset's colors soak into the water. I feel the tough small rocks underneath my feet and imagine the soft feel of grains of sand crawling onto my feet the way it used to. The last time I saw this view, the water still had its blue and green color, and the sand wasn't as hard.
It's kinda weird to me, watching the waves now. You see, with all the pollution that used to be in the water, you would've thought that today it would be brown. It was for a while, until recently. The politicians finally realized we could no longer swim in the ocean, so they cleaned it up. Yet, somehow, in clearing the polluted waters, they removed all the colors of the ocean. It's pretty cool, I guess. I can see the life underneath, and it's much easier spotting seals and whales; the rocks are the same, and so is the sunset. But it doesn't seem to have the same affect as it did when it was colorful. I miss those colors.
I started my long walk home. I probably shouldn't say I was walking- we only did that when I was young- I was floating. I wasn't even touching the road. You see, with the problems of the ozone layer breaking an all, the gravity has also changed. We walk on air now, about a foot off the ground. Its weird though, because its only the animals and humans that float. I can no longer feel the firmness of the road unless I step down with much force. I miss that too, the firmness of the road.
As I was floating along, I glanced at the same houses that I've passed by since I've lived here. They were the same as they have always been. Yet looking at them today, I was more aware of the changes that occurred in the past 15 years. I remember they used to come in all shapes in sizes: rectangles, squares, triangles…architects were really creative when it came to designing a house. Not anymore, though. Now, there isn't enough room to fit your creativity onto a piece of land. Every house is a sphere. Sure, they come in different colors, but there is no variety. I miss that.
After a long walk of nostalgic memories, I finally reached my house. Two wooden spheres squashed together. It wasn't that great, but I loved the deck in the back. I had the best view in the whole city, partly because I was right along the coast. I was lucky too, because I was rich enough to own a 'block-it-all', probably one of the best inventions since I was 14. It's a sort of invisible shield that blocks out all of the noise in the city, which I might add is extremely loud, almost painful to the ears. The shield can be huge and you put it so that it formulates kind of a bubble around your land.
As I walked through it, I took out my earplugs. As young as I am, I don't want to lose my hearing. Most of the noise comes from all of the new entertainment today. By 2005, I though they had reached their peak of developing the digital world. Clearly I was wrong. Now all the movies are in 3D, and you have to where glasses. As annoying as it might seem, I must admit, the movies are superb.
But I don't have enough money to go to the movies every Friday, so I'm stick the books, one of the few things that haven't changed much. Sure you can get them in digital versions, but I prefer the good old fashion way of reading them on paper. My kids, of course, have some digital ones for school, but I try to teach them to read from paper. They just look at me saying “Mom, you are so old fashion.” When I was there age, we only dreamed of toys that they now have. Whatever, kids will be kids.
I now sit on my back porch, in my silver soft chair and look at sunset through my shield silence. I don't remember when it all changed, the world we live if. I guess it sort of creeped up on me when I wasn't ready. What I've come to learn though is now, in year 2018, anything type of turnabout is possible.


Alice is an anthropologist and is taking a trip to Egypt in 2005. She was visiting a pyramid that had been overlooked by many other scientists because of its small stature and its lack of artwork and tombs inside. Although, she seemed to be quite fascinated with the small pyramid, there was something about the pyramid. She had been working on it for quite some time and was beginning to give upon the project because there was nothing new to be found. One day, when it was the hottest day, she walked into the shaded entrance of the pyramid to relax. She leaned against a wall, which was bare. The wall suddenly opened. And there she saw a large room decorated in gold and rubies. There was one large tomb in the middle. She walked to the tomb and gently placed her hand on it to feel the in-carved surface. It was beautiful. The decorations seemed to be endless. With much hard work, she opened the tomb to discover a book, an enormous tomb for a book. On it were a few gold plated hieroglyphics. She understood them. They read "the book of the future." Her friend Oliver peaked and gasped:

-Wow, this is amazing (he stood there looking about, after some time he worked toward Alice and peered over her shoulder.) That's all that was in the tomb?

-Yes. It's beautiful! It says the book of the future.

-Well, go on and open it. See if the future came true.

-Ok, (she opened it and began to read randomly) 467 after death – the fall of the Roman Empire, She skipped further, The Renaissance period 15-16 century- The fall of communism in Russia 1991. Everything is correct, and then the future must be correct. A great disaster will come and in the midst of that disaster will be hope-2010. This hope will grow by three people and they will save mankind from its destruction, even though some of civilization will be already destroyed. They will renew peace, prosperity and undo all hatred. It will be a time of peace and happiness. One man will try to stop it and in doing so will bring many people down with him, But peace will never end until—There's blood drippings. The person must have been killed when writing it.

-How awful- and how bizarre, The Egyptians treasured this book. I wonder who wrote it?

-I don't know, lets not tell, people won't believe us and if they did the knowledge would end up being wasted.

-You are right

-It's getting late. Lets figure it out tomorrow.

They leave and Oliver cannot hold his secret in. He decided he would talk to NBC for a show and become rich. The day he arrives in New York he mysteriously dies. While Alice lives a hard life watching the world change, knowing all along what was going to happen


As you all know, for the past couple of weeks, apes have begun to slowly take over the population of the earth. But to all of you that are still out there watching this News Bulletin... HAVE FAITH... Recent biotechnological studies show that if apes cantina this massacre, the glob-Ah!!!!! OH MY GOD! IT'S AN AP-then scratch.


It seems to me that as time progresses mankind seems to be becoming more and more lazy. Maybe this is due to the fact that the consumer world has more and more luxuries to offer as time progresses. So where 50 years ago it was a huge luxury to have a television in your own house so you wouldn't have to go to the movie theater nowadays its not too uncommon to find someone with a television in their car and a movie theater (smaller of course) in their house! So I'm positive that the future will bring more consumer luxuries, and basically anything to make people feel ultimate comfort at home. And as for how lazy the people will get I'm predicting sooner or later we'll have those moving walkways (like what they have at the airports) instead of sidewalks or maybe even robotic lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners (if those don't already exist somewhere!). So I definitely predict the same pattern of comfort for the future of mankind!


Food? … Which direction will it go in the future?

Walk into any supermarket and you will see people buying hundreds of dollars worth of food that, well, just isn't that good for you!
So you ask yourself: What will happen in the future?
People will become more aware of what they are eating. But how? Who knows, it's a mystery!
Maybe the food fairy will come falling out of the sky. Tap someone on the head and PUFF… no more junk food (and no undying cravings!)
Maybe people will just get fatter and fatter and fatter… till they get sick of it.
Maybe God's voice will come to some poor soul bellowing: You are about to make the biggest mistake of your life (for some reason, who knows why).
Maybe it will be a wisdom of a small child who says to her mommy one fine, junk-foodie day: "Mommy, can you imagine where that has been?"
Or maybe our whole community will get tired of the foggy haze of junk and travel all the way to the tropics of good weather and vegetables!
We just don't know exactly what is going to happen!
We can be pessimistic: "Food in the world is going to get worse and worse and worse… 'till we all die of it."
We can be optimistic: "I can't wait 'till the whole world eats organic food."
Probably there will be a more even balance between the two. Not a world dominated by the healthy food fairies and not a world under that tempting, addictive influence of food with no substance.
People will eat what they feel like eating (with conscience). Children will be educated on the art of nutrition. People will LOVE cooking food for friends! Eating will become less a chore (as it is for many people) and more a joy (as it should be).
but this is all in the future. The only way we can really know what's going to happen is to get in that time machine and find out!


Thirty years from now, the world will not have changed. There will be the same countries, the same states and cities, even the same governments. The US will still consider itself number one, other countries will still consider themselves number one. There will still be a group fighting for rights. There will still be wars being fought.
Parents will still obsess about having the perfect children, the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect life. We will still have idols. We will still have favorites. We will still be underestimated. We will still be overestimated. We will still conceal ourselves. We will still go crazy. We will still have our weekly television shows. We will still have our corny movies. We will still have the same types of music. We'll wear our hair the same way. We'll still judge each other unconsciously. We'll still not care. We'll still go to school, work, we'll still have to have our double lattes with cream. We'll still have weirdoes making "artistic statements" and "questioning society."
There will still be sexists, racists, murderers, rapists and other bad people. We will still run away from them. We still won't integrate. We'll still have someone to pick on. We will still get hurt. We will still die. We will still kill. We will still waste.
We will still have fads and new pop-stars no one actually likes. Adolescents will still have the burden of AIDS and drugs. They will still be considered childish and irresponsible by their parents. They will still be measured by their bodies and not by their characters. We'll still have our personal items. We'll still need our personal space. We'll still take time outs. We will still be born. We will still have fun. We will still have homework. We will still get depressed. We will still get stressed. We will still be told what to do and how to run our lives.
We'll still love each other. We'll still miss each other. We'll still have each other and we'll have each other forever.

here's my future prediction in a newscaster form
...and across the country, all 51 states are experiencing a severe drought. Many water parks have been closed, and some cities are putting restrictions on how much water can be used for hoses, toilets, and other appliances in every home. So use your water wisely and we'll all get through this, just like we're doing with the energy crisis. On a happier note, the first American astronaut on Mars has returned safely to our own planet since her ten-year journey in space. We'll have a live interview with her and the rest of her crew along with live coverage. A family from New York has just given birth to the second genetically engineered baby in the US. The baby's genetic code was altered so that it would not have a certain rare heart disease that requires a long, difficult, risky and expensive treatment. We'll give you more breaking national news tonight, but first, our local news. Just a reminder that you can transfer the weather forecast and traffic report along with other information from your television to your palm pilot. Now, we can see that the Bay Bridge is blocked up where truck carrying Pepsi collided with a Coca Cola truck. The Golden Gate Bridge is running smoothly with hardly any sluggish movements in the carpool and hybrid lanes. For today's weather, there will be highs in the mid 80s, very unusual for February, and scientists have predicted a 5.1 magnitude quake for sometime in the next few weeks. Make sure that you have safety supplies and that all your furniture is secure in case you get hit hard or the power goes out. Debbie O' Conner couldn't make it to work today due to complications with her botox injections, so I'll be taking over the world news coverage. After a quick word from our sponsor...


My script is sort of like a back from the future thing. The person is telling another person what it was like in the future when he visited it.

Outer space is more accessible. Scientists have figured a way to create an atmosphere on the Moon. From this, "moon colonies" are beginning to develop and flights to the moon are becoming frequent. Scientists have received messages from other life forms but have not yet made contact.

Travel is still the same. People are not commuting in flying cars yet but airplanes have been modified to be more efficient, to travel at faster speeds and to improve navigation. Instead of phones, teleconference is standard in all homes and buildings.

Fashion combines retro styles of the 90s and comfortable clothing to fit everyone's taste. Only high quality fabrics and vibrant colors are used for clothing. Cold and dark colors are not in fashion but there is always room for individualism in one's own sense of style.

Daily life is still the same. Adults still go work and children attend school. All that has changed in homes is the presence of technology. Unfortunately, society is becoming more and more dependent of electronic devices.

Environmentalists have managed to preserve nature. They were able to successfully breed endangered species and to grow back parts of the rainforests and restore the natural environment.

Biologists have found rare and bizarre animals from the most remote areas of the globe -- Asymmetrical animals with numerous limbs and body parts unseen in any other type of animal. Scientists have successfully found a cure for cancer!

International relations have improved and calmed down. The majority of counties are all developed and find each other on the same level of power. There is no worry of war but nuclear weapons still remain.

I predict that in 15 years, I will be married, have three kids, a beautiful house and a great job. I will work as a makeup designer/model/interior designer. My husband would bring me flowers and be very loving. I would have two girls and one boy, the boy being the oldest. I would live in San Francisco in St.Francis Wood and live in a huge house.


I think the future will be a little different. Maybe we will have advancements in our computers and the Internet. Maybe we will have more advanced video games and computer games. Maybe we'll talk to the animals. Maybe we'll create a miracle diet to lose weight by eating chocolate and sleeping all day. Maybe women will take over and we'll have a perfect paradise. Or maybe men will take over and we'll evolve back into monkeys. Maybe women will have babies without actually "having" them. Maybe we'll have an on-call missus in our pockets 24/7. Maybe Bush will grow a brain. Maybe we'll invent Ziploc baggies that actually close. Maybe there will be an M&M for every color of the rainbow. Maybe we'll all be cannibals. Maybe we'll have school on the beach. Maybe the weekends will include Mondays too. Maybe we will have cell phone implants in our hands or for that matter – in any body part. Well no matter what the future looks like – we will NOT wear silver mini skirts or neon jumpsuits.


(a newscaster) "Good morning California! "Today's date is January 2, 2301. As in previous centuries, a prediction that the world would collapse at the turn of the century has proved to be wrong. There were no mass suicides and the stoplights are still functioning. We are definitely thankful for the functioning stoplights, considering the horror stories which we have all heard from our grandparents about the car crashes of 2201. The only problem that has been noticed so far is related to the Internet. It seems that the government only purchased copyrights for many of their web pages through 2299. Consequently, many public service or information pages have disappeared. They should be reestablished soon. "The major reforestation project of the Amazon forest began yesterday. Considering that there are only two square miles of forest left, the project is doing fantastic. There are already five square miles of forest. "Caution to all magic carpet flyers: Due to the high levels of smog in Southern California, flying is not recommended. Another caution for the magical community goes to Mer-people: There has been a particularly toxic oil spill near the Hawaiian Islands. Officials are presently cleaning the area, so it would be greatly appreciated if the mer would stay clear. Please pass this message onto the animals in the area. "And the weather for today looks a little dreary. It should be cloudy with a chance of meatballs, around noon. Remember, these meatballs should not be eaten until they are boiled, due to the amount of acid they presently contain."


When I write this I will be old. I don't know I wonder at times I seem to be floating. I think someone has switched my memories I was born in the 1800's but people are telling me that it is really the year 5000 but I don't see how that is possible, it seems to be a different world the sky it is no longer blue it is all a muddy drab gray. I don't like it I want my blue sky and green grass. There is no green here if this really is Earth it is in a state of decay that is worse then I ever thought possible. Here every one looks happy but how could they be? There is nothing fresh. There are bubbles all around us to protect me I am told. I learned a new word automated, since I really don't belong here I haven't been put into the system. I can't wait to wake up in my world with out the automation I see here. I long for the grass and the flowers even the bears that terrify me.


Here's my script, Jeannene, it's a crazy future electronic-postcard-type deal

1st post card: Me and Tarz in China Me: Dear Aldona, Ever since the pod-people colonized in China, it just hasn't been the same. They're rude people to be honest! But they do make beautiful floating lakes and a mean flying pot sticker!!!! You must see the charming underground bubble-towns - to die for!!!! Well, tata! Tarzan: don't forget to feed the fish! Love, Tarz and Do!

2nd post card: in Egypt, me and Tarzan on 14-humped, iron camel Me: Dear Aldona, We just returned from a magic robot carpet ride in the Sahara where we saw the remake of Casablanca in the digital-surround vision -holographic movie theater in oasis #5, starring Loren Farese. The cars here operate on sand and solar power, and Africa has turned into a first-World country full of nomadic giraffe people who escaped from the labs in Cairo. Quite the sight let me tell you. Anyway, gotta go, Tarzy says hi!!!! Tarzan: Hi Love, Aldona and Tarz

post card #3: From SF, picture of me and my husband, Tarzan in front of the arboretum in Golden Gate Park Postcard says: Me: Dear Aldona, We're back in good old San Francisco now, ready to party down. The arboretum is a bio-tech plant researching institution now and the Dalia Garden is put to shame by the poly-synthetic rose bushes I have outside my house! Due to changes in the Maritime effect, the weather and climate here has been fluctuating a lot in the past couple of years. It is primarily sunny, and the thick fog in the winter condenses to form walls of hard mist. Purple rain is still frequent however. Well, we're off to a bar on Geary Street, where they've developed a wild club hood, they call it the street that never sleeps!!!! Its called Shmooshi, (the common language here is Danish). See ya soon! Love, Big-T and you're number one fan, Aldona G. Watts!

Max F

My script is like a journal, of a guy, from 2030 lets say. My point that I'm trying to get across, is although across time things change and there is new technology, people are still faced with the same problems...

I guess this would be log 1326 wasup... Wow, today was both tough on me and great, ugh...ok like Marrisa and Thomas, were being so annoying, and they ditched me at lunch. I was feeling very sad, I went to the lab, but no one was there. I felt so alone, I felt like there was nothing I could do, I was all alone. But, then I heard a voice it was this girl Sara. I mean I don't know her too well, but she's really nice, we talked for like an hour, it was really fun, and I really enjoyed it. She made me feel so good, she brightened up my day, sooo much!!! And, she helped me with my science, if you can believe it, I actually get all this complicated chemical disolation stuff (sigh), I feel so good, better than I have in like forever. But, I think I might like her, I mean Sara, and (sigh). Anyway I'll write again later... After I think some more...

Narrator: The year is 3001... the socio economic gap has widened so that the population of the world is divided in two. On one side of the abyss, we have rich elite who live out their lives within the barriers of their leisurely gated communities. Unfortunately, for their possessions to be maintained, they must constantly be at war with each other. The soldiers of this war are the poor, homeless mercenaries with no convictions who fight for whoever is paying top dollar. The sterile white elitists in their sterile mechanical white homes watch as the mulatto masses fight the war of their masters. Finally, one young, brave patrician must know what exists outside of his sheltered life. He sets out on a voyage of discovery. His name is Marcus 17, a genetically perfect clone of the original Neiman Marcus.
dear future, who are you? where do you come from? will i ever get to know you personally? will you ever bring tomorrow sooner? these are the questions i am dying to know. because in some ways the future will never be upon me. you are always just seconds away, just out of my grasp. do you always feel the need to tease me so with your promises of happiness and joy? because if i will be happy later, why not be happy now? can't all our love and fortune be upon us now? can't we hold what is written for us now? or is it up to us to write the stories we live?

Alex S

News reporter: Hello, I am reporting from SF, CA, USA, Earth. I'm here reporting about the 98th annual celebration in honor of the people all over earth who were bombed by the United States during the early 21st century. This day of honor was established as a good gesture to the rest of earth in 2059, when the United States was going through, what is now called the second renaissance, circa 2045. It was the second renaissance that led us into our current age of true enlightenment. It was this movement of new educational thought free from political claws that lets us live our life of freedom and acceptance to everyone in the universe. We take this day to remember what it was like at the turn of the century, everybody so unsure of themselves and wary of strangers. We set this day aside to remind ourselves how lucky we are to live in such an accepting place, and to not let us forget how far we still have to go. Never forget what life was like, what life is now, and what it can and will be in the future if we keep our education alive. This is Susan McKinney, saying good night and sweet dreams.


It is my opinion and strong belief that humanity will see its greatest growth and progress within the next 10-50 years. I think that with the development of new drugs and progress in the biosciences, in the next 20-30 years we will be able to first of all map our protein code, and we will be able to associate or link up genes and proteins. These developments will inevitably lead to immortality for much of humanity, what I mean by that is once we are able to find a solution to an overall scope of cancers, we will basically be able to live for a extended period, whether it is 200-500 years. While extending our life span would present a serious burden to governments as well as society in general, I think its effects will be long reaching. Besides increasing my longevity, I think globalization will have very serious consequences for the global community, it will make us even wealthier and at some I think that wealth will sort of even out between us and those in the third world. The only thing I would be concerned about would be war breaking out or some sort of regional conflict, spiraling out of control. If the world continues to become more and more interconnected, I think the quality of life will continue to improve for those below the poverty level, and I think closer economic ties between countries will inevitably lead to peace at some point or another between countries. As to technology I think that will only make humanity's progress grow even faster. The productivity we have now is much higher than fifty years ago simply because computers, so I think as we see pervasive computing expanding, with stuff like Jini or .net or even 802.11b, we are beginning to see a short glimpse of what we have ahead of us. My opinion right now is life for humans can only get better, especially with the use of technology, and I think preventing us from the great evil of death is the only obstacle that is hindering us from becoming a superior race, in god's own everlasting image. This obstacle which technology will so easily overcome.


How will the world be different in 200 years? Will there be world peace? Probably not. How about an AIDS vaccine? How about the end of pollution? If I were a prophet, what would my prophecy be? Hmmmmm… That's a tuffy… In 200 years… the earth will be ruled by highly trained snow monkey assassins from the Siberian Tundra!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! The end. (as of now)

In 20 years I don't think things will be too different. I think that computers and other digital devices will become increasingly present in our everyday lives. We will become more and more dependent of them and won't be able to function without them. As technology continually advances and computers get easier to use, faster and cheaper it is almost impossible for them not to be a part of our lives. Computers will also get smarter. Already they can do things that we didn't even think possible a few years ago, and does all the difficult parts for you. I think that we will be seeing many smaller digital devices like combination cell phones / PDA's or PDA's able to email, listen to MP3's, create a small movie etc. There are some negative effects of the advancement of technology like the fact the machines are replacing people in at work in an increasing amount of fields. Since machines work more efficiently than humans and don't need coffee breaks they are going to become more and more used. If things continue to go at the current rate we will be seeing change a lot sooner then 20 years from now. But in 20 years these changes will be here to stay. I don't think we should become too attached or dependent of technology because there are more important things in life than work and computers and there should be a limit to how much we let it affect our lives or replace us in our lives.
The future is going to bring many great things to society as well as many things that might easily destroy or civilization. With the advancement of technology, both good and bad can be created. Ideally, only good things will be created, like the "BLIND DATA" and "MP-TEETHBRUSH." These types of inventions will benefit society. But eventually, after we use all of our resources, we might be forced to go make to a less civilized way of life with very little electronics and cars.
I remember 20 years ago, when the Zap-me-there did not exist. I remember having to take the bus everywhere, and waiting for rides and losing time for travel. The Zap-me-there was invented, I think my first year in college, but it did not hit mainstream stores until around…I think 2010. Then boom!
Everyone had a Zap, as everyone called it.
You would buy it at select stores, which devoted their entire stock to futuristic products. The Zap-me-there came in a tiny box, because all it is really is a small red button, which you press and then the special Zap network tracks your location with satellites. Then you type in the street you need to go to, within a 40-mile radius, then the button releases a supersonic flash that sends you to your location taking no longer than 20 seconds.
Of course, the Zap costs around $10,000, but think of it like a car. Same concept really, the Zap can send a weight of 300 pounds to a location within a 40-mile radius. So if you travel long distance, you must stop every 40 miles and zap yourself the next 40 miles. There is the risk of losing your button, because it is so small and easy to lose, but you can get insurance on it.
I hope that in future years, something will be invented for long distance traveling like the Zap-me-there. I can't wait to see what other products will be made in the future.


Yas the fortuneteller sees in the future hundreds of years ahead:

#1 In every home, there will be a "food generator," it would be a box-shaped thing that is the size of a shoebox and would make ANY type of food that would fit in the size of a shoebox. So it would make anything ranging from Asian food to Western food. This object would be powered by a lot of energy so it would have restrictions of how many times it can be used.

#2 the almighty 22nd century CREDIT CARD! This credit card would require the fingerprint ID, voice ID, and a private 10-digit code to be able to be activated. Basically this will solve the problem of having a credit card lost. This credit card would also have a certain time limit, which you have to enter each password in. If the time limit exceeds (meaning your not the rightful owner of the card) well… you are screwed. The 22nd century type of police would track you down in 1 minute. This credit card will be able to be used all over the galaxy. This credit card will replace money and checks we have today.

#3 The new wave of transportation… teleportation! Well in the 22nd century or so, there will be NO cars or land vehicles; instead airships would take over. But to get around without a ship a person can use teleportation pads. There would be a teleportation pad everywhere, in homes, working offices, a restaurant, you name it. This will transport you one place to another only in that certain city or colony.


Dial Miss Clio
Person- "Hello is this Miss Clio?"
Miss Clio- "How can I help you, my child?"
Person- "I'm not quite sure how you can help me, I'm really stressed out and I would like to know if anything is going to happen to relieve my stress in the future."
Miss Clio- "Well, for you I see a future of great relaxation. In the Year 2100 you will be on a vacation at Club Med Atlantis- the hidden underwater resort. You will travel by bullet, a new sort of pod that is placed into a big cannon and shot at your destination. With this travel, you can get to any destination in under five minutes. You'll be wearing your skin suit- temperature-controlled waterproof full body suit that is transparent and allows you to breathe under water. Just pack your bikini to wear under your skin suit. There, you'll dine at the six-star restaurant and club, The Sea Bass, where the famous Great White Shark will be playing aquakeys accompanied by a rapping dolphin, the one and only Flipper Jr. The specialty of the house is fried kelp with a side of rubber. Don't expect to have any meat, because eating meat will be illegal.
Person- "Will there be anybody with me?"
Miss Clio- "You are going to be sent on this trip by your employer at the MVMEJSNUPA (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto Alliance). On your trip you will meet a very special, seahorse who you will grow to love will chain yourself to, literally. Day-by-day, you will gradually turn into a seahorse and then die by getting sucked into a black hole.
Person- "But, but…"
Miss Clio- "Sorry I have no more time- that will be $3000. $3051, 52, 53, 58, 60……"


Old Homeless Man: Hey There young Man
Let me tell you about the future. Everybody will live on the moon because the earth will be left for high tech factories and there will be daily shuttles form the Earth to the Moon.
Bet you didn’t know that. So can I get a dollar.


Reporter: This is Mack Darin reporting for channel wave seven news. We are here today in Delta Square, Los Angeles, where you can clearly see the moon in its current state while the sun is just about finished setting. There's chaos, literally chaos, everywhere around us...
Screaming Rioter: God damn it, save us all! Oh –beep-!
Reporter: Wow... people are fighting, attacking each other, looting departments, flipping hover cycles. The local Squad failed to calm people down in order to facilitate the EVACUATION procedures... and, what's he doing, watch out!
Camera Man: -Beep-, I think he wants our camera.... hey, what the....
Rioter: give me that, hey... OK, don't... don't shoot!
Camera Man: back off man, BACK OFF, don't make me...
Reporter: Chip, no!
(Hand held plasma blast)
Reporter: Ok Chip, now look what you did, and look at the sky! You're acting like the others! Oh my god, you killed him...
Camera Man: Uh...I...
Reporter: It's too late; drop the camera, LET'S GO! The moons breaking up and it's falling... Leave him, it's too late, we have to go NOW! Come on our ship's leaving.
(Shoots fired)
Reporter: They're attacking the EVAC ships, hurry... LET'S...

Characters: Anna and Mike and older sister Ash (me)
Parents: Mom and dad
Age: 6 years old for both kids
Anna- Mike, what do you think life will be like in the future?
Mike- Wouldn't it be cool if there were flying cars?
Anna- I think it would be cooler if Barbie came to life!
Mike- Ewww Barbie!!! Who plays with Barbies anyway.
Anna- Mom, what do you think the future will be like?
Mom- I wish for peace on earth in the future hunny. Wouldn't that be just wonderful?
Ash- Oh mother do you really think that's realistic? Come on I don't think that's gunna happen.
Anna- Ash, anything could happen, gosh!
Ash- Be quit Anna you obviously don't know what you're talking about!
Anna- Daddy, do you think that there will be change in the future?
Daddy- Of course hunny, everyday things are changing for the better.
Ash- yea, maybe there will be a big enough change in finances so that we can move out of this crappy house!
Daddy and Mommy- Watch your mouth young lady we work hard to be able to put a roof over your head.
Ash- Well I just hope that in the future we'll be able to vote when were 16 so I can vote to disown myself from both of you!
Anna- Wow, my family has a lot of issues, hopefully in the future we'll be able to fix them.
The Year, 3434
An evil super villain has taken over the world and stolen Sam's Girlfriend. The only hope for humanity is SUPER SAM and his sidekick SUPER HIPPO. We join our hero in his secret hide out (Krispy Kreme)
SS: So super hippo what should we do today?
SH: Why don't we stop the super villain and save the world.
SS: Sounds good to me.
(Super Villain Hide Out) SV: I took over the world. HA,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.
SS: Not so fast super villain. You have to defeat me.
(Fight Scene)
SV: you got me... (Dies)
Girl: Super Sam, your my hero.


My future will have small aircraft instead of cars. Some can even be like convertibles so you can feel the pleasant dampness of the clouds against your skin when you drive to work/school in the morning. Summer (the break not the season) will be twice as long due to the more efficient teaching methods and faster learning ability of future students. Summer camps can be held on other planets where you can meet kids not only from different places and of different backgrounds but of entirely new species. The flying muni will be much nicer and cleaner than current public transportation as well as always on time.


POSTCARDS from my future self to my self today
From SF, France, and the Moon THANK YOU!!!

Dear Loren,
Hello! This is Loren. I am writing you from the future. Its pretty great I guess. We are here under San Francisco. Actually, tomorrow a big earthquake will happen, and the whole city of SF will fall underground. So here we are, underground, but at least we don't have to deal with the fog anymore, the only downside is you don't really get to see family. Because we have nowhere to go, I now can fluently speak 19 different languages, including Luxembourgish, can knit, play tennis, and have truly excelled in the art of taxidermy. Fortunately, whole foods came down too, so we are all really healthy. We are learning the multiple different types of food that dirt can produce. Although it makes me feel slightly like a worm. Anyhow, hopefully we will be out of here soon, where I will once again see sunlight. When I do get out, I'm going to France, so my entrance back to the world will be truly gratifying. One good thing about being down here, is that as it turns out, the 49ers didn't get everything, so we got all the gold we could get out of the earthen walls, and now we are all filthy, and rich… filthy rich. Well, I will write you from France, if we ever finish digging ourselves out of here.
Siempre, Loren

Dear Loren,
Well here I am on the moon. It seems in the time that the entire population of SF was trapped underground, not America, not Russia, but the Vatican country sent a family to live on the moon, and the family continues to live happily there today. I've heard it's a great place to be, except for all the barriers set by the space suits that one has to wear all the time. Besides not being able to communicate, touch, or interact with anyone else, the moon today is mostly inhabited by hermits. These people actually get too lonely there, and end up yearning to go back to the earth. Consequently there's not much company to enjoy up here except for the lack of gravity, which is great for picnics, except makes swimming hard, because the water doesn't seem to stay in the pools. The moon is great, but I think I want to go to France now.
Siempre, Loren

Dear Loren
I'm in France, se magneefik! Well, it's great here. The only thing is that the entire population of France is now living in and on the Eiffel Tower, because tiny goldfish has invaded the country of France. These goldfish actually have evolved legs over the years, and will verbally abuse anyone who sets foot on the ground, its pretty bad. Apparently, all those goldfish that people flush down the toilet, only fake dead, and travel through the pipes to the ocean where they can be free. So a whole new culture has evolved by living in the Eiffel tower. Attachments have been built as well, so it's like a huge network of bridges, pathways and apartments, all in the air. Tourism isn't the only thing that depends on the Eiffel tower now. Anyway, I guess I should go now. Got to go lay in the warm sun of France, with Pier, Luke, Kieran, and Gaston. I guess I'll be going now, (please, Gaston, save some baguette and wine for me!) don't worry, you'll be here soon, well, kind of (Luke! What are you doing?!). Have a super life (yes Pier, I'll be there in a minute)! See you later! (KIEREN PLEASE!) Siempre, Loren

Royal Herald $11.25 plus tax
Emperor Outlaws Pretzels
A nasty knock for snack producers
An imperially appointed team of health experts has released their findings after a three week study on the possible public health threat posed by the consumption of pretzels. The findings could spell doom for many snack manufacturers across the continent. The emperor stated in his decennial State of the Realm Address: "Our team has found several issues to be resolved with these harmful pollutants. They contain unnaturally high levels of caffeine and carcinogens." The emperor was unavailable for comment, however he volunteered the Covert Service to answer any questions. The emperor also added Luxembourg to his vertices of evil and hinted in his speech that he may reappoint himself to another nine-year term. Afterwards the Viceroy informed us that pretzel companies would have a month to phase out of the business, but people could roll their own pretzels if they wanted to. Our meeting was cut short, though, when the electric current created by our broadcasting equipment shorted out yet another of the Viceroy's bionic hearts.


My predictions for the future are that everything is going to be pretty much the same. I mean things are going to evolve and change in their own ways, but our environment is going to feel the same since we are slowly becoming the "future". The cars are probably going to become a little more rounder, smaller and work with electricity rather then on gas because we will have sucked the earth dry of all the oil it has. The ozone layer will have a little more holes than it does now, but we'll survive with all the new technology that we will have. The new technology won't feel that new for that long because we'll always be coming out with smaller more "practical" things. For example the cell phones will probably be just a little ear piece or maybe even a little chip that you can plant inside your head, activated by your voice. All the TVs will be interactive and just a screen on your wall. Everything that we have, buy and that is created will be for our convenience, so we don't have to walk that extra step to flip the light switch on. The fashion is going to be more sleek and skin tight clothes from head to toe will be the thing to wear for the girls like a shinny backzip up jump suit, and a little less tight fitting clothes for the guys like a gray one piece suit. Simplicity, compact yet complicated will be what everything is in the future. We will have hopefully found a cure and vaccination against AIDS and all the serious diseases will hopefully be just diseases that come and go. All the world's problems will not be the same one's we have today, but will definitely relate back to what is going on today. All of the starving kids in Africa will hopefully have food. All the homeless people all over the world will hopefully have shelters. My wishes for the future are a different story... The future is not going to feel or be that weird because we won't be able to remember exactly how the past felt to be in.


"In the next 30 years I believe that there will be many more advances in the fields of technology. Space programs would probably have created new vehicles and have plans for sending people further and deeper into space. Higher speeds will probably reached on land, in the air and in space. Computers will become smaller, faster, more complicated and even more frustrating. Technology will advance to the point where robotics will be used more in daily life and your home would probably more technologically integrated. Science would find more about what we see and how wee do things. Medicine would have found new disorders and more information on our bodies. New vaccines and treatments would for illnesses like cancer and AIDS would have been discovered. The average age for a person will increase. Also, there would be a much more major controversy about cloning. New species will be discovered and we will learn more about other creatures past and present. Though, the world around us would look relatively the same. Cars might be more streamlined and there might be more electric or energy efficient vehicles out. The exterior of buildings would generally seem the same. There might be stronger structures, crazier architecture and more technology. People would have the relatively same attire. Some articles of clothing would be more offensive, smaller or just strange. This is my view of how the world will be in the next three decades."

A grim future:
War never changes.
It all started with incidents such as countries, like Iraq, stopping the flow of oil to countries such as the USA. But this was only the beginning.
In future the world will be running out of natural resources and every country will have to battle for the remaining resources in the world. At first there may be peaceful agreements between countries, but as the resources grow thinner, violence will be imposed to secure resources. The USA will annex Canada, while the European community scramble for whatever resources are left in the continent of Europe. Russia and China will wage war over the continent of Asia's resources.
Eventually the 2 world super powers are left: USA and Russia. Eventually one bad move will be called and nuclear missiles will go flying, each country launching everything they've got. The world goes into Nuclear Fallout. The majority of the world's population will be wiped out and the rest will be living in underground shelters, waiting for the background radiation to come down to livable conditions. The people who were caught outside of the fallout shelters will do either of 2 things; Die or mutate.
The first big fallout shelters were made in secret by the US government because they foresaw the possible event of Nuclear War. Those shelters housed the most brilliant and important people in the US, including the president.
Much of this could have been avoided if the nations of the world had better management of the amount of resources that is left. Such ideas as hydrogen fuel cells would greatly decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, and might one day prevent a war over resources.


In the future, life will not be dramatically different. There will be scientific advances, such as, a cure for AIDS and other diseases that are at the moment incurable. Right now we are beginning to discover how to customize babies. In the future, there will be plenty of parents doing this, even though it is a disgusting this to do. As far as cloning, we will go no further than cloning sheep. There will also obviously be technological advances. Everything in the future is digital and looks complicated, but is actually extremely simple. Tapes and VCRs are considered antiques. Scientists have invented a meal in a pill and no one dies from obesity because all food is healthy. Palestine and Israel finally resolve their life long battle and there is world peace. All people in every country have religious freedom, food, a roof over their head, a job and money. As far as fashion is concerned, the style as looped back to prehistoric times: everyone is always naked.

Alex Q

It is my sad duty to report to all of you people at home that our president, George W, Bush has been hospitalized for choking on some peanuts. Mr Bush was watching the NBA playoffs, and he was screaming and yelling at the losing team, and as he was recovering his breath he went to eat some peanuts, therefore inhaled several peanuts. Secret service agents ran into Mr. Bush's living room after hearing the yelling, the sound of a "thump" of bone on wood, and a small scream. President Bush was rushed into the nearest general hospital and revived. Mr. Bush only suffered severe shock and a "mild bump on the noggin" as one of he doctors put it. After the ridicule that Mr. Bush has gone through with the pretzels at the football game, he does not need anything else that would allow people to make him into more of a joke. President Bush is now making a full recovery in the hospital and should be back to his regular work within the end of the week.

IN the future (year 5000) our entire way of living will be different. Because of nuclear weapons the worlds human population will be greatly reduced but the technology level will be at it's highest point; because wars haven't killed science only killed people. Every war that happened since the year 2000 pushed science to a higher level with countries constantly trying to have better weapons then the next. Because of wars consuming supplies our entire society relies on a massive source of energy that is from a rock brought in from another planet. This energy source allows all computers machinery to run. We are able to control this power source because of our advanced military even though we have a small population but mostly because through the wars we learned more of diplomacy and negotiations, and are now able to make treaties w/ other civilizations that can help us receive these rocks. At this time all the human energy and time is used for repopulation, military advancements, diplomacy and Explorations to grow our own civilizatiions. Old schooling system is no longer needed or helpful to the human race, kids are immediately brought into these subjects to advance the human race.


Andrea: whats happening?
(loud noises and earthquake movements)
Andrea: mommmmm
Andrea: mom, the world is coming to an end!!!
(the ceiling starts falling on her bed)
Andrea: Oh, help me god!
(her house starts to fall...)
Andrea: Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!
(a new empire emerges from the earth)

Revised version:

Narrator: Our time will never be the same. We now give it no value.
Narrator: Buildings are everything proof and children are born with artificial intelligence.
Narrator: Car fly and  dogs walk themselves.
Narrator : Many things have changed throughout  so many years.
Narrator: Although we live 5 times as much as the years we used towe still have some things that no other being could have.


I arrived at the party 20 nanoseconds late. Acceptable, I decided. I was… fashionably late. Still, though, better run a check on the chauffeur robot. There really wasn't any point in him opening the door for me, and I had been having suspicions that he had been reprogramming my wife. But I guess that's what you get for marrying a droid. At least you don't have to worry about unexpected pregnancies.

The hostess of the party (named Margerie) was quite rich, as she had inherited the lower hemisphere of Pluto from her granddaughter. Of course, she hadn't been alive when her granddaughter was born, but there had been a family vote, and all had decided that she was an asset to the family. So when it came time for the next young one to prove himself, they sent him back in time to clone Margerie and bring the clone to the present. Of this the chauffeur had informed me while on the ride over. I had always thought she seemed a little old fashioned. I mean, she still used a keyboard for her computers, and refused to get injected with droid antibodies. The last time she had gotten sick, she asked for chicken soup. Chicken soup! For the price of one chicken, she could have bought herself a 40-kilometer long battleship! But she had insisted.

I entered, and immediately felt the tingle all over my body of the sensors in the door killing all the germs they could find. I went right to the dance floor, where the common channel was classical stuff. Madonna, Incubus, you know. The usual. I didn't particularly like it. I switched my audio implant to a slow song station. Immediately, the people dancing around me slowed down. Of course, I knew, they hadn't really slowed down. I had sped up. The little black box in the corner of the room put all the beats to whatever songs people were listening to in tune with everyone else in the room. So consciously, I was dancing to a nice waltz while those around me danced to hip-hop. And as far as everyone was concerned, all the music had the same beat.

I picked out some of the more attractive girls in the crowd, and slowly made my way over to one of them. She was definitely pretty, but I had no idea how much of it was real, and how much of it was hologram makeup. Girls loved that. No effects on the skin, no having to put it on or clean it up, just flicking a switch hidden on a necklace or watch or bracelet. Nope, I didn't want any fake girl. I went outside for some air. Not that the air was any different there, but for some reason, I felt like I had to leave. While I was standing on the balcony, a large space portal opened up in front of me. Now, I had heard about these in school, but never actually seen one. It had a brilliant purple hue, and seemed to be calling me. All of a sudden someone stepped out from the hole. He looked strangely like my father.

"Hello. I'm sorry, what century is this?" the strange man asked haltingly. "34th," I replied. "Why?"
"Ah, then you are who I'm looking for. Would you come with me, please? The family's been having some trouble back in the 21st century. We've all decided that you're the one to help."
"Who's 'we'?"
"The rest of your family from the 36th century. Now please, no more fuss. Just jump in the portal and be a good person. That's all you need to do. We've calculated that your just presence in the 21st century should be enough to solve all the problems we've noticed. Go."

What could I do? I jumped into the portal. What a mistake that was. Look at me now. Sitting here on a computer with a keyboard. You wanted to know how I was doing in the 21st century, father? This is how I'm doing. A keyboard! Ugh. I hate keyboards.

It's the year of 2012 and the United States was up in smoke, especially California if you know what I mean. After attempting two times to become president he finally succeeds. Ralph Nader ran in the 2000 election and he has just become the new president of the United States in the most recent election of 2012. As soon as he stepped in office he moved his White House right in the dead center of San Francisco and legalized Mary Jane just like he said he would even though no one believed him. All of San Francisco was even more exotic than Haight Street. Sort of like the seventies except without tight pants and disco music. Riots broke out and buildings were set on fire but no one really cared…it was all about living the high life! It didn't matter how much money you had, where you came from or even what language you spoke it was all about having a good time. Just like California's motto " Sex, drugs and rock n' roll "! There were no dorks or pansies in San Francisco because everyone was alike…they all had the same expectations and means. It was called the city that never sleeps because no one ever slept. Parties, street fairs, flea markets, garage sales and what not went on day and night, dusk 'til dawn. No one ever had any problems whatsoever. NONE! No house repairs, no taxes, no diseases, no bad weather, no car trouble, nothing at all! Because there were none! People just grew out of houses and apartments because they never had enough space and one day someone just dragged their bed out into the street and slept there. But he wasn't homeless because then everyone did it. They could wonder around the city of San Francisco as free people…trespassing laws fell out and bad neighborhoods became good neighborhoods. I bet your thinking how cars could drive around and how people went to the bathroom without bathrooms. Well cars fell out just like trespassing laws and everyone had a hover board. And for the bathrooms…well everyone just held it in for so long that they never had to go…ever! Evolution took its place. Computers died out too…no more Internet…but instead they had something better. It was called Mind Reading Potato Chips. Let me explain. You had to eat a bag of the Mind Reading Potato Chips every week. The mind reading calories would sneak their way into your mind and whenever you wanted something you would appear right in front of you. You could link your minds up with friends and other people if you ate one of their potato chips and do anything you wanted… sort of like a giant chat room mixed with eBay. So you see in my version of the future it went back to the age of the hippies who ate mind reading potato chips and flew on hover boards. Oh and there were no police or law enforcement either!


The World governments fall and out of the ashes raises anarchy as the world became overpopulated, there were more common people than police and the people overran the corrupted governments of the world. After years of fighting, rises total anarchy in which order is nonexistent and there are no rules. Out of the ashes a new power arises, a company that controls the people through violence and fear... the future looks dark and doomed.


The FUTURE!! As I For-See It…
The year is 2084, and a lot has changed. The biggest change is the way kids receive their education. They go to a place similar to a hair salon for 30 minutes everyday (except Saturdays and Sundays), and sit in a padded chair under one of the things that sets ladies' hair when they get it curled. And the radiation from that sends the equivalent to what they would have learned that day in school, in the traditional manner. No one needs to learn how to read or write, because you just talk at a computer and it writes it for you, and a computer will read things out for you vocally, so you don't have to read it. Knowing how to read and write is like learning the classics would be in the present: not useful, not common, but only someone extremely literate and learned would be able to. There is also a new system to keep the earth clean. Everyone gave up on trying to contain all the world's trash in trashcans, and all the landfills were filled up. So finally, people dug out about three fourths of a mile underneath the land we walk on, and then when one is walking down the street and they drop their trash, it's sucked into the ground and goes into this space below the earth's surface. It's all compressed and contained there, and no one has to worry about their trash.
Transportation has changed as well. All the sidewalks on the earth are like the moving sidewalks in the airport, and they are enclosed in a clear plastic bubble. You step onto these like you get into the Muni. You don't have to walk; the moving belts go at normal walking speed. But this way if you do walk, you go double fast, and you can always get places early. Also, on cold days the bubbles are heated, and on hot days they're air-conditioned. This way, no one actually walks on the kinds of sidewalks we have today, this has totally replaced them. And if you're in a car, they hover about 9 feet above the ground, and go right over the pedestrians so there's no worry about hitting them. The easiest thing to get a ticket for is not speeding, but going higher than 12 feet above ground if you want to skip the traffic. Because if there were no regulation height, it would be madness!


(Enter light blue bunny in a dress) Hey, hey, hey!!! How are you? I'm great! Everyone's been so happy lately! We all just love hopping around in the big sunny fields, lying on this marvelously soft grass, and. ooo!! Look! A carrot!!! A big orange juicy carrot! *Crunch, crunch* What was I talking about? Oh, yes, we found your letter from that time capsule that you hid beside that big grey block. Hide and seek is so much fun!! We love hide and seek! Your question is so positively funny! *giggle* what has happened in the world in the past fifty years. *giggle, giggle* I don't remember. Oh, the other day, C.C. and I were hopping in the sandbox and you will never believe what we found!!! Guess what it was? *giggle* A sock!!! A bright red sock!!! *giggle*. Fifty years, ooo that's a long time, I think I was a human kid *giggle* back k then. And there wasn't much carrots, well, there was, but I never ate any, I ate those *giggle* burgers. But now I only eat veggies. Hey!!! C.C.!!! (Enter a pink bunny with a bow in her hair) C.C, do you remember 50 years ago? - There were these things called schools - oh yeah! I remember that! And there were teachers and classes! Let's play school: *deep voice* "Hi kids, it's time for your finals, take out a #2 pencil and an eraser. Your grade depends on this" *giggle, giggle* - *giggle, giggle* your so funny! Where did you find that pretty letter? - It's from the past! Remember that big gray block that says "FAIS" on it? There it was! - ooo! Let's go there, they have really bouncy dirt puddles, and wild berries. It will be an adventure - ya! - I think it was there before the bing - it was? ooo! It's ancient ya, my grammie says that the humans wanted to make a boom that would make everything disappear, but they took the pink liquid, not the brown one and it made a big and only made trouble disappear - hee, hee, that's funny, a bing - hey, looky, here come the purple bunnies! *Enter two purple bunnies in bowties* [purple bunny number one] - hey! [C.C] - We're on an adventure! [purple bunny number one] - wow! [light blue bunny] - Come on, let's go! [C.C.] - how do we get there? [purple bunny number one] - let's skip and hop! [purple bunny number two] - yeah, good idea Lan! [light blue bunny] - what has happened over the past 50 years? [purple bunny number one] - so much exciting things! [purple bunny number two] - ya, Lan and I bounced onto a tree! [purple bunny number one] - and we want to bounce on the moon!


(static for a few seconds)
(static abruptly ends)
Computer: Now connected to classroom, you are 38.7 seconds late. (pause) Hello Lila, welcome to virtual school, your lessons will be provided here starting at 9am pacific standard time for the first three days of each week, that is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You may be up to two minutes early, but you must not be late. Your announcer unit will remind you five minutes before class starts, and will tell you when you are allowed to log on. You will have a 14.78 minute break starting at 10:01 am pacific standard time, an hour for lunch at 12:01. The school day will end at 3:04. For the other 2 school days of the week, you will attend your local hands on school, which has a similar schedule. Do you understand? And do you have any questions?
Lila: Yes, I understand, and I also have a question. Who will be my teacher?
Computer: This system will teach you, on your hands on days, your teacher will be Jane Montiell, you may now put your text book disk in disk drive 78. When you have done this, please say "done"
Lila: Done.
Computer: Good, there are no problems with your connection, other students have problems which will take time to solve, so you may leave until after lunch, you will hear an announcement 5 minutes before lunch ends.
Lila: OK.

In the future I believe or more I hope, that everything on earth will be ecologically well balanced, there will be no more pollution, no more endangered species. I also hope that there will be peace all over the globe, the violence will be suppressed and religion, race or ethnicity will not be an issue. In the future, there will be no more poverty or very little of it, everybody will have well paying jobs and chain companies will have robots to do their work. Basically in the future everything will be dandy.
This is Miss Cleo here to tell you about your future. Now think deep and look into my crystal ball. Oh I see, yes, it seems that the future holds very many secrets that you will find break the world you live in. You are having doubts about what do to with your life. Your every action feels like it changes your future and it does. The decision you have to make has two consequences.
The first is where you live happily with a good job and a nice family. The second is you will find your self working as a street cleaner without a family. Ah, but I see there is something else bothering you. There is someone your care for very much, is there not. Take every thing under consideration, try and work through your problems. Your time is up but there is one thing Miss Cleo has one more thing to tell you about your future, I feel a very strong power and it says…that something big is coming into your
world, it is, it is, it's a bill from Miss Cleo.
(Computer automated voice) your bill comes up to $100 000. Thank you for turning to Miss Cleo for guidance.


Basically its just random carnage everyone screams for however long and then all the aliens spontaneously teleport away and the earth explodes.


The script will be read by a fortune teller
"Come, come closer dearies, and discover what the future holds for you!! (chanting to call forth spirits) Shhhhhhhhhh, quiet now, we must be careful not to break the spell... Ahhhh...I see wonders and I see horrors, I see happiness and despair, few prosper and many do not. Ahhh...but what is this I see here? Wild geese have taken over our planet and reign as kings and queens. And many of the things you use today will have disappeared. Computers and televisions no longer exist; they have been replaced by frugsads and militonies, and to keep up with the geese, people ride around in flying cars. Oh, no, what is this... my crystal ball seems to be on the blink (she hits it a couple of times and the image of another gypsy woman comes forth) Why, that creep Madame Voyella, I knew it had to be another one of her tricks!! (getting mad) She is always doing this to me… I'll get her... (she continues to mumble to herself) CLIENT-Man, I just paid her for nothing, no wonder. That whole goose thing didn't seem right anyway...


Sometime in the near future, perhaps when I have reached my early thirties, the Bay Area will have changed dramatically. The population will have doubled in size and this region will become even more of a melting pot than it is now. This region will be at the forefront of the world's latest innovations in a number of fields, biotechnology, medicine, and transportation. The Bay Area will be regarded as the new center of America not only because of its new found prosperity but also because it will come to represent America's new ideals in the light of the 21st century.


It's February 26, 3301. I'm Rolanda Kunze and welcome to On The Moon. Today we will interview Milton Van Lune about what life's like living on the moon. Here he is on the MoonCam now.
RV: Mr. Milton Van Lune, I think we are all wondering what it is like to live on the moon. What can you tell us about living where everyone dreams of living?
MVL: Well, it's amazing. Just imagine waking up to the Earth in your window every morning.
RV: Have you ever encountered any alien life forms while living on the moon?
MVL: Actually, just today we discovered a new alien life form. It is what appears to be a very gentle and docile, purple baby....
(Baby screams and shudders; the screen blackens, then the picture reappears and blackens once again)
RV: Sorry, space cadets, it seems we have been disconnected from Mr. Milton Van Lune. The MoonCam has become obsolete considering it was made six months ago. It no longer works as well as it should, we often get disconnected from the people on the other side of the camera.
(Picture returns to MoonCam)
RV: Oh wonderful! We've gotten the picture back! Wow! What an interesting baby! What huge teeth it has! (worried voice) Oh my god! Mr. Milton Van Lune! (MVL screaming) The baby is attached to your neck! Mr. Milton Van Lune, are you all right?
(Baby jumps and attacks camera)
RV: Well space cadets... I guess that's the end of living out our dreams on the moon.
(RV laughs)
RV: Well that's our show for today. Thanks for watching On The Moon. Please tune in next time for our interview with "The Blue Baby."


In the future, people will be divided into communities. No choices, no emotion, no mistakes. All jobs and families are predetermined. A committee chooses everything. The people will be happy. They will know no differently.


Characters: (Me)Julia, Andrea, Alex, and Ana Me: (standing outside My Thai restaurant) It's been 9 years since I've seen my best friend's from high school. Can I really do this? The last time I saw them I was the summer going into 10th grade when I switched schools. I'm 23 years old and a successful business woman. Actually, a stock broker in New York City where I live with my husband Ramiro. Anyways. I met Andrea, Ana and Alex in 9th grade and we used to do everything together. or at least a lot. I guess we just kind of lost touch after I left. I miss them though... Well, anyways, I was planning a vacation back here, to San Rafael, and I decided to give them a call and Ana still lives in Frisco and Andrea lives in LA and decided to come up and Alex had an art show up here. So today's the first time I see them in forever. Here goes nothing... (Julia walks into the restaurant and sees Alex, Ana and Andrea sitting at the table, waiting)
Andrea: Julia! Oh wow! You look so different. You look really good!
Me: So do you Dea. I've really missed you!
Ana: Jules!
Ana: Ana! It's been a long time.
Ana: Too long!
Alex: Hi Jules.
Me: Hey Lex... Wow, you look really great!
Alex: Thanks! So do you!
Ana: So you really did move to New York?
Me: Yeah, I had been planning to since I was ten years old and then I met Ramiro at U.C. Santa Barbara and we started seeing each other and he proposed and we ended up moving to New York City together. Do you live in San Francisco alone Ana?
Ana: No, actually I live with three roommates. We were put together in our first year of college and after that college we just ended up staying in SF together.
Me: You've lived there for your whole life, haven't you?
Ana: Pretty much. I took a year abroad in college to France, which was an amazing experience but I don't really think I could move away from SF.
Me: Actually Ramiro and I have been talking about moving to Italy for a few years but I guess we'll have to see.
Alex: I don't think I could ever move away from the United States. I have my whole life year.
Andrea: Are you married?
Alex: Engaged actually.
Me: How exciting! What's his name? When's the wedding?!
Alex: Tom. We're getting married in a year I guess.
Ana: Is he and artist too?
Alex: Yes... A painter actually...
Me: (Voice fading over Alex's)
And that's how the afternoon went. Comparing lives, looking at my wedding pictures, reminiscing about high school and how much fun we had. Through the whole day though, no one said anything about wanting to go back. A lot of adults forget how hard it is to be in High School. I never will. We reminisced about my hysterical love life, Alex's dramatic love life, Andrea's blunt manor and Ana's "got to be calm" manor. It was amazing to see how different all our lives our. Ana lives in a quaint apartment in SF, Alex lives in a beautiful house in Florida and Andrea lives on the beach. We all laughed at how we never expected Andrea to end up living on the beach. It was great seeing them again... Seeing pictures of their friends, their lives, their houses. It made me feel good to see them so happy. I've truly missed them. I wish we would have kept in touch more. We used to absolutely so much in common it was amazing. We barely can share anything now. I still dance in my spare time, but Ana quit that a long time ago. That's how we met. (fade to picture of me and Ana) Me: (continued) I was new to International High School. Ana, on the other hand, had been there for as long as anyone could remember. I was outgoing and friendly but I'd a run in with my new friends. We were on our school retreat and I was in a tent with no one I was that close too. Then the teachers told us we were having a karaoke contest and I wanted to dance with someone so badly. And then Ana and I met and we danced together that night. A lot happened and we become really close, sharing all, well at least most, of our secrets. My constant crushes, a new boy every week, her latest grade and weekend activity. We didn't do any of the same stuff out of school but we could talk for hours. In the end it was the boys, I suppose, that tore us apart. I've missed out time together so much. Lex and I become close on her fifteenth birthday party... (fade to picture from Teddy Bear Factory)
Me: (continued) We went to the teddy bear factory in San Francisco with Dan and Masha and made teddy bears. Mine was pure white with a blue nose and red bow and her's was a grey koala with a lot of clothes. We spent days cuddling those teddy bears under our arms. Andrea and I hit it off immediately. I remember the first thing we discussed in French class. (Fade to picture of Andrea and Julia)
Me: Oh my god! Where is my blue pen?
Andrea: Blue? Why would you write with BLUE? Red is so much better!
Me: Um... no. Blue is better.
Andrea: Stupid white girl.
Me: Oh my god.
Me: Five minutes later we were best friends. Things happen for reasons though. She was one of the greatest friends I ever had. Now we're in the future. Everything is so different now. I wish we had stayed friends. Nothing hurts worse then losing a friend.


the year is 2002, the month... June.
Oh you may laugh at the future...(have future popup ) ya future, that's what I said. There will be children running amok on the streets of the world.
This is a good thing.
There will be consequences to their foolish actions. Fore on the 29th of the 8th month, they will become imprisoned in a building with absolutely no heating or air conditioning at all. Seems almost as if that already happened huh?



Alexandra W-F