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About Food

How to Make Norwegian Pancakes





How to Make a Great Bowl of Cereal





The Ultimate Soft Boiled Egg and Much, Much More!





How to Make TOAST





Three easy steps to make rice





How to make a Caesar salad





How to add variety to a simple meal





How to Cook Butterfly Prawns










Cooking Yummy Pasta On A Cold Scary Night





How to make CURRY in a HURRY





Caramel Words





Tasty Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Sandwich





How To Make Ice Cream





Contagious Cookies





Marshmallow Madness





About People

Hilariously Sweet Revenge





How to become a Pro-Skater





How to host a kick ass family reunion





How to Kiss Someone (Intriguingly)





The Easy Way To "Hypnotize" People





How to Stop a Sibling Black Belt from Beating you up!





How to Take Someone Down - KUNG FU STYLE!!!!





How to become a Pro-Football Player





How to burp a baby





How to properly follow someone... without being seen...





Tips on how to put a child to sleep





How to make your parents feel sorry for you





About Recreation

The varial flip and how to master it





Jumping Jacks in 3 Steps





Be as Good as Zidane in 3 simple steps (Almost)





World Upside Down





TaiToshi a Judo throw, How to do





How to do a kickflip...        
Heelflip tutorial        
How to do a heelflip on a skateboard        
Longboard Surfing        
How to Stretch        
How to do an Arabesque        
How to do a flip turn        
How to Moonwalk        
How to Play the Game of Tennis        

About Fun

How to make rocks fly! (how to skip rocks)        
Watchin' A Movie        
How to eat chocolate chip cookies and milk the D way        
I left my heart in San Francisco:How to have a great day        
The sky's painting        
A Sniff of Heaven        
How to play Dance Dance Revolution        
Dance Your Heart Away        
How to Fit Into Your Locker        
The way to whistle        
It's called the chicken... the FUNKY CHICKEN!!!        
Triathlon: Toys R' Us Style        
How to lick to the center of a tootsie roll pop        
How could you live without the Simpson’s family?        


How to Crochet        
How to Groom a Horse        
Installing XP        
How to make a roof garden        
In Dark Dialing        
How to use chopsticks        
Fluffy fun for all occasions        
How to Draw a Cow        
After Jenny Craig: How to Put on a Belt        
Reading Between the Lines        
Ez way to be a player (violin)        
How To Make an Impervious Password        
How to make a follow through figure 8 knot        
How to make a shiny guitar pick        
How to Make a Skirt out of a Pair of Jeans        
Comment s'asseoir sur une chaise        
How to take BART