In Dark Dialing

How many hours do you spend on the phone? Well I spend 3 hours a night. How many times do you have to dial a number in the dark? Well I do almost every time I dial (twice an hour for 3 hours every night). I want you to not only be able to waste your time on the phone, but I also want you to be able to dial in the dark and quickly so as not to waste time with turning on lights and using your eyes. Of course you will dial the wrong number a couple of times at first, but soon, with my help, you will fail this task no more.



First of all, you need to memorize the phone number. To do this just repeat the number to yourself many times before going to dial. If you do not memorize the phone number you won't be able to dial it in the dark.


Feel around on your phone until you find the 5 button. You should know where it is based on the little bump on the 5 button. Also, it's in the middle of the phone so don't go feeling around where the "redial" button or the "flash" button is. When you find this button place your middle finger on it.


Use your middle finger as a pivot point. Your index finger will be used to dial the 1, the 4 and the 2. The ring finger will be used to dial the 3 and the 6. The pinky will be used to dial the 9. Use the thumb to dial the 7, the 8 and the 0. And, of course the middle finger will be used to dial the 5. Now you can dial a phone in the dark. YAY!!!!