How to Stretch

*Warning* Do not try to go by the last step first. You could be seriously injured. If you try the splits first and get hurt, don't say I didn't warn you.


Sit with your legs sitting straight out in front of you and your feet pointed. Lock your knees and try to bend your torso forward, keeping your back flat. Repeat with flexed feet.


Spread your legs apart, one pointing in each direction. Again, point your toes. Bend your body from side to side *slowly.* Then bend your body forward *slowly.* Try to roll through until you're lying on your stomach. Lift yourself off the floor with your hands if necessary.


Lie on your stomach. Bring your knees up on your sides. Try to keep your feet on the floor.


Go against a wall, one leg pointing in each direction. Have your feet against the wall and move your torso forward.


Now you're ready to try, drumroll please, the splits. Start standing up, one leg more in front of the other. Slide gently down.

Photographs taken by Annalise Ashdown and Juliette Kendall