How to Cook Butterfly Prawns

I have cooked for a good portion of my life and feel that I am fairly good at it. This tutorial is about how to make Butterfly Prawns. This is a very good food, besides the fact that it contains a lot of oil.


Buy around three dozen prawns and take off the shells, but keep the tails on. Once the shells are off, cut the prawns down their middles and keep them as one flat piece.


Crack open about two eggs and beat them. Then take some bacon and cut it to the approximate size of the prawns. After that, take the bacon and place one piece over each prawn.


Dip the prawns with bacon in the beaten eggs, both sides.


Prepare a frying pan, add oil, and place the prawns with bacon and egg on it, preferably bacon down. Once the sides turn orange, or looked cooked, flip them.


Place the cooked Butterfly Prawns on a paper towel to dry and arrange them.

All pictures were taken by myself and my mother helped during the process.