How to make rocks fly! (how to skip rocks)

This three-step tutorial will teach you how to skip rocks, although you'll have to practice (not excessively, of course) to do it perfectly!

I learned how to skip rocks from my mom, who is very good at it. I'm actually not the best at it, but it's still fun to do when I'm in the right location. Whenever the time is right, I manage to skip the rock a few times. It's a fun activity when you have nothing better to do.

Location: On the bank of a river, lake, or other body of water which doesn't move too much (for example, don't try it on the ocean or sea).


Find a round, basically flat rock.


Place it between your thumb and forefinger at a parallel to the ground.


Quickly jerk your wrist while letting go of the rock. It should fly and bounce off of the surface of the water. It takes practice!