Sam DeMello

How to Draw a Cow

Have you ever been with your friends and wanted to draw a cow, but couldn't? It's OK, it has happened to the best of us. But you won't have to worry anymore. Just follow these four easy steps, and you can impress even the toughest people.



Start by drawing a big oval with two dots in the center. Next add a small semi circle in the bottom right-hand part of the oval. Finally split the semicircle in the center with one thin line.




Next draw a long curved line from about the middle of the cow's nose, down to the bottom left hand corner of the page. End it with a lot of little split lines.





Next come the legs. Draw a line coming up from your tail and end it about half way up the cow. Use that as your reference point and arch down just a little past the tail. Then draw a small straight line and curve it at the end. Come back up and end in the middle of the cow. Repeat this four times and you have all four legs of the cow.


Step #4

Finally, end the last leg at the tip of the cow's nose about where you started. Add some spots and you have your cow.

Photograph of Cow via