How to do a kickflip...

I'm teaching you how to do a kickflip because it is the basic flip trick you need to know to move on to harder tricks.


The first step in doing a kickflip is being able to ollie, before you attempt this trick you should at least be able to ollie onto curbs or better yet over a board or 2 linked boards. When you can do the above with your ollie you are ready to do a kickflip.


After you have mastered this you can step up to learning how to do the kickflip. When you do the kickflip you want to have your back foot on the tail and your front foot a few inches behind the front truck bolts. Then you want to start your ollie (picture 1)and flick toward the top and side of the board (picture 2).


Then after you want to keep your self centered over the board and make sure your feet aren't in the way so the board can flip freely. Then after it does a full rotation and you see the grip tape you catch the board with your back foot and then support it after by bringing your front foot. Then land and roll away (picture 3). Get props from your friends. Keep skating!

Credit to Zachary Matheson for the pictures! Nice job Zach!