How to properly follow someone... without being seen...

AFTER READING this page, you WILL know exactly how you should follow someone, where to hide, what to look for, without being seen! However, do not do anything bad with your new knowledge, this page WILL NOT be held responsible for any of the actions you choose to use this knowledge for. Have fun... and a good laugh! ha ha ha!!


they'll never recognize you with this disguise!!!

GIVE YOUR followee a head start, but watch his/her actions, and follow closely behind. You can ask others along the way about their whereabouts, but wear disguises (glasses/mustache will do), and don't give yourself away. Some methods that may help you reserve your identity are: fake accents, deer/dog/cat/other animal suits, be a mime.

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Follow closely behind the person, just so you can see their movements, but not so close that they could see you. Try walking on the opposite side of the street, and hiding behind cars and poles. NOTHING IS TOO THIN TO HIDE BEHIND. If you think you can do it, you can, no matter how thin the pole or tree.

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You must have quick reflexes, should the person turn around unexpectedly. Do not hide behind glass walls or doors. If the person does see you, act casual (for ideas see Alex Stokes' webpage). Finally, after successfully following the followee, pleasantly surprise them!!!

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