Tips on how to put a child to sleep

I have a little brother who is two and a half years old. I have been putting him to sleep for most of his life. I have also spent much time baby-sitting older children (from the time when the youngest was 1 year old until now, when the oldest is 9). Therefore I think myself eligible to teach others.

Step 1.

The young, pre-walking, pre-talking, children, usually like to be rocked to sleep. If you like to sing, you can sing to the child, but if you don't like to or if you don't know any songs, you can also play a tape of lullabies.

Step 2.

Many kids enjoy being read to before they go to sleep. Ask the child if he/she would like to choose a couple of books that they like, if not, choose for them. Choose a book that they like and can get into (interactive books), but don't get too many, or the child will never get to sleep.

Step 3.

As an occasional treat, you can watch a video with the child. Most children will fall asleep all by themselves while watching the movie. Those that don't fall asleep during the movie are probably old enough to put themselves to bed once the movie ends. Start the movie at least an hour before bed, depending on the length of the movie.

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