Rebecca Gingrass

Cooking Yummy Pasta On A Cold Scary Night

At home alone on a school night? Studying hard I'm sure, you need a break and you're kind of getting hungry. Read ahead to learn how to cook pasta the fun way!


Throw those books down and grab your favorite CD, pop it into the player and pump up the volume. Run your tootsies into the kitchen grab a pot (singing along the whole time, no doubt)! Flip on the faucet and fill up your pot with water. Drop a generous teaspoon of salt into the pot and set it on the stove. Turn up the heat!


Dance around the kitchen, call a friend. When the water boils, slide those dry noodles into the boiling water, set your timer for 9 minutes and put a strainer in the sink. Grab the remote for the TV, plop your tush on the couch and watch 3 of your favorite music videos.


When the timer goes off dash into the kitchen and grab a fork, test one piece of the pasta to see if it's cooked to your liking (Careful! It's HOT!). Using oven mitts pour everything into the strainer and then put it back into the pot. If you like sauce or cheese and butter NOW's the time to put it on. When it's all mixed together dish it up and yummy.....!

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