How to Fit Into Your Locker

Fitting into your locker is a valuable skill, and it is very hard to master. It is one of my favorite pastimes at school, though it has earned me an... interesting reputation among those who do not know me that well. -Hint: you must be 5'5 or under for this to work-


Find a locker (preferably someone's who won't get mad at you, like maybe your own) and empty it.


Climb in the locker with your hands in front of you, and have someone push the door closed. Before you close yourself in, make sure you have your hands on the lock so you can open it from the inside.




Hi there people this is hidden text

Wait for an unsuspecting person to walk by, and pop out and surprise them!! You don't even have to come out of the locker to scare them, you can just make weird noises from inside (hehe). It's not always a good idea to do this to teachers, they can be touchy and might not always appreciate being scared by a freshman popping out of their locker, so you might want to have a friend near by who can tell you when it's a good idea to pop out. See, this whole thing isn't as simple as it seems!!


All photos were taken by Amy Berman, and the models are Lucie , Tessa, Izzy, and Juliana.