How to Make TOAST

Hello to you people who are reading this webpage. I am the self proclaimed toast queen! I love toast! Don't you?!

This page is designed to explain how to make toast, and how not to make toast. And what happens if you burn your toast.

Read on to find out!

Step 1

On your fine journey of making bread into toast, the first step is to actually get a toaster, and some bread, which are the main components of making a piece of toast. As you see in the picture to your left, you place the pieces of toast, in the slots. There is generally a lever you press down, and voila, your bread is about to become toast!

Step 2

Now, if you leave your toast in the toaster too long, it will start to burn, as it is in the picture to your left. However, if you proceed to take your toast out as soon as the buzzer dings, so your toast will be perfectly crisp and yummy!

Step 3

Be careful not burn your toast. However, making toast is a skill, not a right. You must be careful, or you will end up like the guy who tried to make those pieces! You can always eat your toast with jam, or cheese, or other foods you'd wish to put on your toast!

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