Four easy steps to make rice

Rice is grown mainly in southern and eastern Asia where it is the primary food for hundreds and millions of people. It has fed many of the hungry and poor because of it's abundance. Rice is cultivated in flooded patties since it requires hot and moist conditions to grow. Rice has a reasonable nutrient value, but when brown rice is "polished" to make white rice, much of it's vitamin B1 content is lost. Rice can be cooked in many different ways. Different cultures have adapted their own way to use it.

Here are four easy steps to follow to cook white rice:

1 cup of rice makes 2 servings (2 full bowls).

Step 1.

Wash your rice in water three times

Step 2.

Fill the pot with water to the level of about 3/4 in. above the rice.

Step 3.

Put the pot over low fire for 10-15 minutes or until it starts boiling.

Step 4.

Lower heat to simmer and let cook for about 15 more minutes. Then the rice is finished and ready to eat.

The above method can be replaced by using an electric rice-cooker, which cooks rice automatically at a preset heat by a simple push-button device. Only step 1 & 2 are to be followed.