Installing XP

Why did I choose this topic?

Because when my computer crashed after partitioning my drive, I lost all my files and had to choose a new operating system. So from the suggestion of one of my friends, I embraced Microsoft's new OS simply because I thought it would be simple to install and also because of the great GUI. But little did I know, 30-40 minutes after I inserted the disc, my computer prompted me to enter a password in order to login and since I had not configured a password yet, I was stunned. So after punching the computer a few times, I simply restarted and tried to reinstall XP again. In my second attempt, my computer crashed 5 minutes after the installation and after the third attempt I had finally completed the installation. Once complete though I was greeted with a beautiful GUI, but also with a computer that would not recognize my mouse. All in all though while the computer has had its problems and really bad karma, it now runs smoothly with a somewhat stable OS.


Restart Computer, as computer begins to boot up, insert disc labeled Windows XP. Once you insert the disc make sure there is a screen that says, "boot from disc".


Hope that computer does not crash. Follow Directions to continue installation. Once installation is complete restart the computer and hope for the best. Then configure your personal settings. After that reboot and pray that it will recognize your mouse or other devices because some devices aren't compatible.


Enjoy the beautiful GUI!

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