Triathlon: Toys R' Us Style

There are a number of different varieties of ways to hold a triathlon at a Toys R' Us near you. But what are the events Ric? Well I'll tell you......


The Crayola Joust Maximo
This event consists of 2 materials, a novelty size crayon, and a skateboard or scooter, whatever strikes your fancy. Both jousters start at opposing sides of the aisle, they scoot toward each other and attempt to knock the other over.


The Stick your Foot into the Bucket while someone is guarding it Challenge
For this event, all you need is a bucket. One person must guard the bucket, this person is called the Bucket Master. The Bucket Master can tag the Bucket Knight. The Bucket Knight must stick his or her foot into the bucket.


The Slippery Floor of Slideness
It varies from every Toys R Us location, but there is always at least one aisle that is always slippery. Find IT. One gets a running start of 10 feet before the slider is forced to slide. He or she must slide as far down the aisle as possible. Whoever slides the furthest wins!


The End

P.S. this is a metaphor for the Gulf War!