How to make your parents feel sorry for you.

Summary: The following steps will show you how to make your parents feel sorry for you after a fight. Remember this is not proven to work with all parents.


If you have just gotten into a fight with your parents and want your parents to feel sorry for yelling at you, getting you grounded, etc. Just don't yell back at them, parents always like to be right and don't appreciate it when you yell. Do anything possible to make them calm down. Buy them a gift, make them breakfast, clean the house for them, or the worst of all, watch your brothers or sisters for them while they're busy doing whatever. If you've gotten them a present, make it something they like and make it very decorative.


If your parents aren't easy to buy like mentioned above make the saddest face you have ever made in your life. When discussing what happened act as dramatic as you can if you can include some tears, in a sweet low voice, and don't mention how they were wrong. Cry as much as you can, but make it a cute cry not a loud annoying cry. And remember to always look them in the eye. If you do this they will know that you are serious about what you're saying.


If all this does not work, your parents might just be cold-hearted or maybe you're just a disobedient son or daughter and this has not been the first occasion in which you have gotten in trouble. But if this does work be as nice as you can to both your parents and don't let it be for only an hour because trust me, from experience I have gotten in trouble even worse for lying and faking that I was sorry. So remember look your parents in the eye when you're talking to them, don't yell, and don't be as fake that they notice right away that you're lying.

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