How to become a Pro-Football Player

Becoming a professional football player is a tough job. It takes much practice and much patience. Many people have tried and succeeded in this hard task. All you have to do is train every day and practice any time you can. So if you want to be the next Steve Young or Jerry Rice then keep on reading. The first thing you have to do is select a team.


In San Francisco there are three teams. The first is the San Francisco 49ers. They were created in 1997 and made the playoffs four years in a row. They are one of the best teams you can find.


The second team is the Brown Bombers. They are the current state champions and are in the nationals in Florida. They have made the nationals two years in a row. They are a very dominant team.


This team has existed for over 50 years and has dominated since anyone could remember. They are very good and most of their players come from High School's all stars.

The next thing that you should do is pick your positions and you are on your way to a great football career. There are two positions to pick from, offense and defense positions.


The defensive positions are usually made for people who like to hit. You have to be aggressive and smart. You also have to be able to tackle correctly and be careful of not breaking your neck.


The offensive positions are made to score. You have to be aggressive with the ball and run through people. Offense is made for glory seekers. That is all so now have fun playing this amazing sport of gladiators.

Images available from http://www.nfl.com/