the varial flip and how to master it

I have been skateboarding for about a year now and I was one of the first skateboarders in our grade to learn this trick. I think I do it quite well and would be glad to teach all you start-up skaters out there. So here it goes.

note: this trick will be much harder if you haven't learned the shove-it and the ollie first.


Push off to get some speed then get in position as low as you can to gather as much power as possible as you prepare for the varial flip.


Jump up as you ollie, shove-it and kickflip all at the same time.


Lift your legs up as the board is spinning under you so that they don't hit and mess you up.


Land on the board with your feet separated so that you are as balanced as possible and roll away.

Photos taken by Dimitris Drolapas