How to use chopsticks

Have you ever gone to a Chinese or Japanese restaurant, and had to ask for a fork when you couldn't figure how to use chopsticks? Well, you've come to the right place to learn how to use chopsticks! No, not the kind you play on the piano. Don't be too nervous while performing this. The more tense you are, the harder it is to use chopsticks.



Firstly, place the first chopstick so that wider part rests at the base of your thumb and the skinnier part rests on the lower side of your middle fingertip.



Next, bring your thumb forward so that it traps the stick firmly in place. At least two or three inches of chopstick should go beyond your fingertip. Relax. Now position the other chopstick so that it is held against the side of your index finger by the end of your thumb. Tap the ends of both sticks on the plate, while holding them at a slight angle to the table. Allow them to slide just a little so that the ends line up.


Next, place a little pressure on the top chopstick. It will pivot on your index finger just above the second knuckle. Remember: the bottom chopstick is stationary. The tip of the top chopstick will move towards the tip of the bottom chopstick. Hold those tips together firmly enough to grasp a piece of food, preferably Chinese, Japanese, and lift it off the plate. Place cautiously into your watering mouth. Although there's no need to stoop, you may wish to lean over your plate a bit during your first attempts. It might save you a trip to the dry cleaners.

Bon Appetit!

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