Marshmallow Madness


Marshmallow Madness (treats for every occasion) materials:

1. Marshmallows something like Jet Puffs

2. 1 1/2 tablespoons of butter

3. a saucepan

4. cookie sheet

5. Pam

6. popcorn already popped (buy unsalted and unbuttered) just regular

7. bag of M&M's assorted colors for every day or for Halloween. Buy orange and blacks or Christmas red & green (whatever color you enjoy).

How to put it all together:

In a sauce pan under almost medium heat add your butter (make sure it doesn't burn). Then quickly add the whole bag of Jet puff (this could get messy so don't use your best spoon). Make sure it all melts down (yummy yummy). Turn the heat off.


After it all melts down, quickly add your already popped popcorn. Stir together (this takes some strength, so for weaklings get an adult to help or a strong person). After the marshmallow mixture gets all over the popcorn and the temperature goes down, add your favorite color M&M's (I personally enjoy pastels but they all taste the same, so be happy!) Now it's time to get seriously messy!!


Then rub your hand in a little butter. Take a glob of this tasty treat mixture and form balls as if making a snow ball (except unlike snowballs don't attack people with them). Put them on a Pam sprayed cookie sheet to let dry a tad.

Then proceed to eat!!!! Yummy !!!!