How to make a shiny guitar pick

It's just a funny little thing I discovered: you can actually do something useful with those annoying CDs that AOL constantly sends you!


Get the materials

- a music / computer CD that you don't need
- a box cutter knife
- sand paper
- a newspaper or something to cover your work area
- a permanent marker or a pencil
- an old guitar pick
- a compass
- a lot of free time


Make the pick

- Put your guitar pick on top of the part of the CD that you like and trace the shape using the marker or the pencil.
- Make a deep cut along the line using the box cutter knife.
- CAREFULLY break off the parts of the CD outside of the cut.


Make it look cool

- Using great caution, slightly melt the edges of the pick by passing it over the cigarette lighter. Don't over do it though!
- If the edges still don't feel right they should be totally smooth), polish them with the sand paper.
- If you want your initials / logo on the pick, scratch it onto the back with a compass.

All images taken by ME!