TaiToshi a Judo throw, How to do

TaiToshi or Tai-o-Toshi is a judo (a martial art) throw, it is a leg throw and can be thought of as a trip. I am currently taking judo at Cahill's Judo Academy. These pictures are of two friends, Beverly (the blackbelt) and a woman I occasionally workout with, a talented white belt. This throw TaiToshi is a throw that I am currently working on, as one is always working to perfect one's technique. The adult classes tend to have champions coming into train. The motto of my dojo is, Champions are not born they possess the desire to excel and succeed.


In TaiToshi, you first get your grip, and then take one step in with your right foot. At the same time you pull out like you are looking at a watch on your left hand, while pushing with your right fore arm on their chest.


Now you take a step in with your left foot and place it on the far side of your partner's left foot, now push with your arms some more and then make another pull to look at your watch.


Now you continue pulling and pushing with your arms, and you move your right foot out to the farside of your partner's body. Make sure your hips aren't in front of the other person's body.


Now you have the person off balance, so all you need to do is pull them over your leg. Make sure before completing the throw that your partner knows how to land as they will 'trip' over your leg, with some assistance from you.

Pictures taken by Aviva. (Jef 's Site / Aza's Site )