How to make CURRY in a HURRY

This site is 'dedicated' to show how to make BEEF CURRY in a HURRY!!!. Delicious CURRY. This site shows you how to make CURRY in about 30+ minutes in 3 easy steps. Trust these instructions, I am the expert on doing this cause I have been doing this for a long time. Good Luck and ENJOY!!!



1 Carrot (Big)
1 Potato (Big)
1 Onion (Big)
1 pound Stew Beef
1 teaspoon Butter, 5 cups Water
1 pre-made package (Block Style)(4 Servings) of Curry Rue


1. Cut the veggies and beef, about the same size.
2. Get a medium size pot.

Step 1

In a medium size pot:
1. Put in the one teaspoon of butter
2. Put in the veggies
3. Put in the stew beef
4. Put in the 5 cups of water
5. Turn on the stove to high heat and wait till water boils

Step 2

1. When boiling turn stove heat to medium
2. Wait till half the water is gone/evaporated

Step 3

1. When half the water is gone, turn stove heat to low
2. Put in the whole block of curry rue
3. Stir 5-10 minutes or until curry rue is all broken down , but do not let the curry rue stick to the pot, it will burn
4. Serve the curry on a plate of rice

Images from http://www.bob-an.com/recipe/dailyjc/basic/curry/curry.html