The Easy Way To "Hypnotize" People


This activity is something I have done at many sleepers. This is an easy thing to learn, but may not work on everybody. To "hypnotize" someone you must have patience and a sleepy voice. Have fun!


First, make sure you are in a dark room and there is a place where the "victim" can lie down. Tell her/him to close her eyes and count backwards and forwards. Give her/him something to count backward/forward from (e.g. 27 up, 32 down).


Eventually, the "victim" will start saying random numbers instead of in order(e.g. 27, 82, 41, 12...) When this happens you know they are in the dream state.




Once they are in the dream state, ask them where they are. If they don't know or just say that everything's black, expand their vision by suggesting that they are in a certain place (e.g. the beach or a party) You can ask them who's with them or what they are doing. The concept is like they are in a dream but can talk to you and tell you what it's about. Once you decide that you are done hypnotizing them, tell them when you clap your hand they will wake up and remember nothing, everything, or a certain part of a vision.