The sky's painting

Almost every evening the sun performs a spectacular and breathtaking performance for anyone willing to watch. Though some may take it for granted, I cannot say that many wouldn't appreciate the beauty and naturally professional production of colors. And those who would like to experience a comfortable, cozy and enjoyable evening admiring the sun can consider my simple steps into watching this amazing piece.


Bundle Up

Watching a sunset is always more enjoyable if you are comfortable. Warm jackets, sweaters, and blankets keep you toasty as you sit on a spread that creates a small 'bed' for your tush during the brief collage. Snacks are recommended, or simply tea or hot chocolate to keep your body from going numb.


Choose a spot

Its hard to admire a sunset with hills, trees or monuments disturbing your view of the sky. You want to pick a place where you can have a clear, open, and full access of the horizon. Hills, along the coast, your roof... be creative! Just as long as you can see everything, you are more than ready.



Now that you have patiently waited for the moment to come, a sky full of color and beauty awaits for you to enjoy it. Look up, sit, watch, admire, and relax: you've got an amazing show prepared for you.

Photos by Rebecca Spence