It's called the chicken... the FUNKY CHICKEN!!!

In this tutorial, I am going to lay out step by detailed step of how to do the funky chicken, the real funky chicken. Concentrate now, this could get tricky. To help you along your way to funky chicken greatness, we have brought in the professionals and taken pictures of them actually doing the funky chicken to demonstrate the proper techniques.


The first step to a successful funky chicken is the atmosphere of you and your surroundings. I suggest thinking about the true essence of the funky chicken, and what it means to you. Once you are focused and calm, you are ready to start step 2.


Step number two is the often called wing formation. Take your arms, one at a time, and tuck them into your armpits, slightly fisted with palms facing up. Your arms should be making a somewhat triangular shape, that looks much like the wings of a chicken.


This last step, if done correctly, truly brings your funky chicken together. Once you have your arms in the ready position, you start to gently flap your elbows up and down. Once you have mastered the gentle flap, you may elaborate by flapping harder or turning in a circle as you flap. The possibilities are endless!! You have now officially finished your course in rudimentary FUNKY CHICKEN. YES!!!

Pictures taken by Alexandra Stokes... ME!!!