World Upside-down

Doing a handstand against a wall is one of the easiest tricks to do in gymnastics, and is also the way to learn how to do a real handstand. When I still did gymnastics, we practiced handstands a lot, so I'm pretty good at them by now, which is why I chose to do this for my tutorial.

All right, here is my trick. It is very easy, and I am sure most people already know how to do it, but here goes anyway. Now, the title is called WORLD UPSIDE-DOWN, and it is how to do a handstand.


Go in front of a wall, and stand parallel to it, with your arms in the air, and right leg out in front of you, toe pointed.


Next, slowly, but not too slowly, put your hands on the floor so that you are on the wall, while your leg that was not in front of you lifts. Hopefully, at this point, you should be completely straight against the wall in a handstand.


Now, repeat what you did against the wall, but without the wall being there, and making sure you are maintaining a good balance while in the air and upside-down. And now, your world is upside-down.