How to Take Someone Down to the Ground - KUNG FU STYLE!!!!

I've been taking Kung fu for about 6 years, and recently I've been picking up some crazy tripping skills. So when I say take down, honey, I mean DOWN TO THE GROUND.

There are many ways to trip people, but if you want to learn how to express the art effectively, you have to start with the basics, my friend.


The Grab

Grab the opponent with a sufficient degree of force, depending on your quick calculations concerning victim's approximate weight and subsequent momentum requirements. The shoulders are often the most effective place to grab, but the actual grabbing motion depends on the physical situation you find yourself in, which can vary from case to case. In the position shown at the left, the neck, waist, arms, chest areas, or buttocks could also be firmly grasped. In the most basic and respectively efficient take-down position we are working with now, however, pressure to the opponent's shoulder is key.


The Swing and Push

While moving arm configuration to the most comfortable area, applying intense pressure to the victim for maximum take-down success, swiftly maneuver one of your legs in a swinging motion around the corresponding leg of the opponent, stationing it firmly onto the ground area behind them. When you feel that you have performed this movement correctly and are comfortably in position for the push, remember to breathe in the sweet aroma of take-down success - relax, maintaining physical strength and correct positioning. Now, push.


HA - Take THAT!

Congratulations, you have completed your kung-fu take-down mission!!!! I salute your skill, brother. Remember, though, that we are all brothers/sisters, and we must make sympathy and good-sportsmanship a priority when taking someone down. If the victim is not angry and/or armed, reach down, give a hand, and pat your new friend on the back. Thank them for a good trip, for without our enemies, we would have no one to take down. Make an enemy into a friend, and then trip them in good taste. Friends don't let friends trip with a vengeance.

In your journeys always remember: SECOND PLACE IS THE FIRST LOSER!!!! (just kidding-Hakuna Matata)!

All photographs copyright Aldona, Hadley, and Jeannene!