How to Kiss Someone (Intriguingly)

This is about how to kiss someone. It has five steps, and is written quite simply. (Note: I assumed that the person reading this is the male and the person being courted is the woman. However, any combination is possible, and any offending remarks or assumptions are purely accidental.) Also, all images in this document are obtained at http://www.images.com, as thumbnail previews for images that need to be purchased for commercial use. (Yes, I do have permission to use them)


First, you have to meet. This can happen anywhere, for almost any reason, so I won't go into detail about how to meet someone. Once you have met them, make sure that you feel comfortable talking to them and vice versa. You won't have a good relationship if you can't communicate. Make sure you're both talking about the same thing. Find some common interests, and talk about them.


Now you have to really get into a conversation with the person. Maybe call them during the day (but not when they're working) to show that you are interested in their life. Don't move too fast. If you take your time, even if you don't end up going out, you could still produce (or maintain) a great friendship. If you hurry too much, then you risk ruining everything.


Now you have to find out if they are going out with anyone at the moment. You might casually ask if they like anyone, or you might just go for the blunt approach --"Are you going out with anyone?" Either way, you find out, and you just better hope that they aren't. If they are, go back to step two and bide your time. Remember, no rush.


Next, ask her out. It's generally good to do it in person, but if you're really a wuss, you can do it over the phone. Listen VERY carefully when (if) she says yes. If it sounds like she is saying yes just to make you happy, or relieve the tension in the situation, then don't expect anything too much from the relationship. (If she can't tell you if she doesn't want to go out with you, chances are, she'll eventually decide she doesn't like you, and it'll be many a month wasted before you even know.) However, if she does seem truly happy, and the first couple dates go well, then you get to go on to step 5.


When you finally get up the nerve, lean over and kiss her. It's pretty simple, people. You've gotten this far, now this is no time to back out. And besides, if it goes wrong, you can always blame it on a web page you saw.