Fluffy fun for all occasions

Welcome to Fluffy fun for all occasions! This is a tutorial for making fun pillows. You can choose whichever fabric you'd like and you can also change the dimensions. You can also sew fringes or patches on your pillows if you'd like to add a special personal touch to your pillow. Personally I use a needle and thread, but feel free to use a sewing machine if you have access to one and know how to operate. Those are my last words so have fun and make pillows!


Step one: Choose whichever type of fabric you would like and cut two squares of 12 inches each side. Or take one piece and fold it in half.


Step two: Sew three sides of the pillow together inside out. After, turn it right side in and stuff it with soft stuffing.


Step three: Sew the last side together and you have a nice soft pillow! If you want to, you can add trinkets on your own to add a touch of your own style.

All pictures courtesy of me, myself, I, and Jeannene for taking such wonderful pictures!!!