How to add variety to a simple meal

This is to show you how to make a quick (30 minutes to 45 minutes) meal of Macaroni and cheese without using one of those disgusting instant boxes. I am making this so that you can have a real meal of macaroni and cheese. I consider myself an expert because I haven't seen anyone else who does this.


First obtain a heater (preferably gas) and a pot and either a pan or a microwave and a bowl. You will need some macaroni, although any noodle will do, and some Campbell's cheese soup as well as some milk and butter.


First put some water into the pot and boil it. Then put in the macaroni for ten minutes. If using a pan put the cheese soup on the stove immediately and mix in the butter and milk. If using a microwave put in the cheese milk and butter 3 minutes before the macaroni is done. After mixture has melted together you may add any cheese of your choice to change the flavoring.


Mix them together and enjoy.

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