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Ways to solve your adolescence problems

By John A. from the IHS School in San Francisco, California

Last updated December 1, 2000

Well, this page might seem to be useless to some, and for others, a wonderful block of ideas to solve some of the hardest things in High School and adolescence life. Today, and forever, teenagers (also known as adolescence), have been faced with many problems and situations that we dream of not going through. Teenagers are always put to blame by their parents, and always under pressure to do certain things by their peers. That is what this site is about.

Today in the 21st century, and back before also, in the 20th century, we were and still are faced with something called peer pressure. Peer pressure is when someone that knows you, tells you to do something, whether good or bad (mostly bad), that might be something that you haven't done before. It is to pressure someone into a situation that is tempting to the person.

Certain situations occur in this topic of peer pressure Some are dealing with harmful stuff, just as drugs (i.e.. Cocaine, crack, and others), and also alcohol (i.e.. Drinking for a fraternity, or a party out of control). These situations can have large complications. I have been in circumstances before that I had to say something to not take it. I have had to think on my feet, which isn't the best of ideas. You are better off with somewhat or a plan. And that is what I am here to help with.

Now say someone comes up to you and offer's you something like a cigarette, or a joint. You don't know what in the world to say. Well, that is if you aren't a smoker or a druggie. But, if you are a clean person, then you want to say no.

Step 1

Considering you don't want to take it, you have to find someway to say no. The easiest way is to just say "no". Another way to say no is another excuse, "It's against my religion." Well, only use that if you are somewhat religious or it will backfire. Some others are. "That stuff mess's me up man. Plus, I got to be focused tomorrow. I got a test. I have to study" and, "Nah, no thanks man. I am all right"

Step 2

You now have to tell the person it in a way that they won't get mad or offended. Be careful what you say, and how you say it, for some may have different reactions than others to the same thing. But, the best way is to just "stay cool", which is basically not to panic, and to stay focused. This might seem hard, but is you put yourself to it, then you won't have a problem.

Step 3

You now have to get ready for the reaction, and recover from what just happened, in a short period of time, and most recommended in about 10 seconds. I have noticed that people and myself that don't start to put it out of their minds after 10 seconds, become noticeably disturbed and bothered. Yes, they will recover in about a day, and well, as it might not seem like much time (yeah, on day, big whup), it can cause a large enough impact on them, that could stay there for the rest of their lives.

There are many other things that can happened in circumstances that deal with drugs or alcohol. You just now have to decide whether you want to smoke, and take off about 10 years off your life, go right ahead. But if you don't want to smoke then you can find ways to say no. It's your life. You do as you chose. But if you want some help, he e-mail me at

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