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Basic Omlette

How to Make Pancakes

How To Make Crepes

How to make the perfect salad for a light snack

3 steps to great guacomole

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How to have a good Thanksgiving

Making noodles with meat

Lamb for fun

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Eat my Cake

Pepsi, Can You Open the Can?

How to make a damn good milkshake

Cookie Recipes

How to make a 3d model of a mech

How to Find Useful Information About Automobiles on the Internet

3D Gamers Guide

Partitioning your hard drive 

The great way to use SoundJam MP

Broadband networks and how they work

How to shift gears on a standard "H" shift

How to Burn Garbage

Very simple guide to making my favorite incendiary

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Ways to solve your adolescence problems

How to help people with their problems

How to survive your first day as a freshman

The Best ways to survive High School as new Freshman

How to Get My Mother to Buy Me Expensive Clothing from Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus

One, two, tie your shoe!!

Three, two, tie your shoe!!!

How To Make a Really Good Answer Machine Message

How to fail class in 3 easy steps

3 key helpers to an amazing, artificial smile without anyone knowing

How to brush your teeth

How to organize and throw parties

How to blow the perfect bubble gum bubble

A very good way to save your money

How to use Colouring Pencils effectively as a gradient

How to make a simple Origami boat

How to make a tutorial

How to make a very special airplane

How to make a pot on the wheel

How to make beautiful (& good!) pictures

Street Painting

Learn to design a stain glass window

How to mix 2 songs together

How to free style rap

Ballet positions

How to do perfect night eye make up

How to have a smudge-free day

HoW To BrAiD

How to throw a football

How to hop on the rear wheel of your bike

How to trap a bee

How to"colpire la palla"with your head

How to do a side kick

The Card game of "WAR"!

How to do a Chinese fire drill

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So you want to know how to catch some air on your snowboard

How to make a jump on a snowboard (and land it)

How to speak Spanglish

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