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so you want to know how to catch some air on your snowboard


When riding a snowboard, you first have to determine your "footedness". This means that when you are riding, your style is determined by which foot you place forward. If the forward foot happens to be your right, your are called "goofy", whereas your left foot forwards is called "regular". There are a number of tests one can do to determine their "footedness":

Have someone push u from behind, normally the foot u first land on (for reasons of balance etc) is the foot you should typically have forwards on your board.

Put whichever foot forwards that makes you the most comfortable (the first foot you typically use when taking a step forwards). It would generally be the foot that u have on a skateboard when you push.


A very important skill to have when snowboarding, is being able to avoid collisions with others on the slopes. One of the best ways of preventing a collision in general is being observant of ones surroundings; especially when approaching a jump. In general, try to keep an eye out for beginers on the slope; steer clear of them. When you take a fall, make sure to try to get off to the side of the slope to avoid any possible collisions.

As a precaution, on the slopes be sure to always wear the appropriate protective gear: helmet pads.


Finally, when you are approaching a jump, prepare yourself both mentally and physically. First of all, you have to keep your knees in a low bent position; keep yourself relaxed. Be sure to compress your body towards the board as you reach the bump. Be sure to draw your legs up at the same rate so your board rises evenly with them (you could end up getting air in the back but falling forward in the front or visa versa). When in the air make sure that you keep your board pointed forward, level, and directly underneath your body. Extend your legs (especially back foot first if u have caught big air) as you come back down.

Start out on small jumps then work your way up!

*these images were taken from and changed by me*