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How to Burn Garbage


Make A Fire to be a hot fire. You want to build a fire so hot that you have to be 3 feet away from the fire to stand the heat. You want it so hot to be able to burn a hand that is 2 feet away from it.


You want to insert your trash that is not solid and you know has to be thrown away except for cans. You can burn anything that is not oven safe and that is not dense or heavy. You make a little tunnel to the middle of the fire so that you see red hot coals in the middle. After that is made you want to stick all garbage in a can or bag so that when you stick it in the fire you can push it in without it spilling out





Once it is in the fire it has to stay it there until the fire burns out that way you know that it is safe to touch. When you touch a log and can put you hand on for a while you know that it is safe to pack up your garbage. The leftover garbage should be only 1/10 of the size you put in. if it is about that size you know that your fire was hot enough.


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