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The best ways to survive High School as a new Freshmen.

I am a new freshmen at IHS, it has been fun so far... my classmates are very nice to me and to each other. I have enjoyed it.

Here are some things I've experience... I hope they somehow help you too!



The first thing you have to make sure about, is that you have to be outgoing and not be shy at all. If you are ashy you will have many difficulties finding your friends.

(Here at FAIS, they give you the opportunity get to know your classmates much better... the retreat was what personally helped me


  try not to be so shy, even if you're nervous. If someone doesn't like you, or they're mean to you, what you should ignore them! That's the best thing to do.


Enjoy your freshmen year, make friends, and try to have fun, You're only a freshmen once in your life