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Mojo the Magic Monkey

Pepsi, Can You Open the Can?

For you I will explain how to open a 12 ounce can of Pepsi. A very simple 3 step plan will help guild you to all your thirst quenching desires.


Take the chilled can and clean off the top to rid it of those small little dirt specks and other stuff.


Place your index or middle finger under the tab and make sure you have a firm grip on the can. If you cannot get your finger under the tab, use your nail.


Then, using your thumb as leverage, pull upward with your finger until the tab has been pushed down into the can. Don't pull to hard so that the top falls into the can. That could be dangerous. After your can is open and your thirst is extreme, lift and enjoy!

All images on this site were photographed at IHS. All Pepsi logos were taken from <--- Click there for a guide of all your Pepsi needs!