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Dana Isaac

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Learn to design a stain glass window!

If you decide to continue reading this, which by all means please do, you will learn how to design a stain glass window. Who knows, it may be on your college application! I feel that I am the right person to teach y'all this because I went to art classes where I too learned to design a stain glass window, and let me say, it has come in really handy. So here we go...

Step number ONE

Draw out your design on a piece of white paper. Make it big and simple. Remember it is SO much easier to cut a straight line, curves are VERY difficult. (I drew a curve because I have done this before)

Step number TWO

break open your Big Box of 54 Crayola Crayons and start coloring. On this step remember to keep it simple. Pick colors that are common and will be easy to find. Avoid colors like Aquamarine and Chartreuse, most glass stores do not sell them.

Step number THREE

hop in your car or make someone drive you to your nearest craft store. They should carry glass for your window. Buy it, Bring it home.

The Last and

Final step:


you are done designing your stain glass window, now the only thing that you have to do is find another tutorial that will teach you how to MAKE you window. Good Luck!

For all of your information I got the photograph of the car from: and if you click on the car it will take you there.

and the photograph of the computer is from: and if you click on that picture it will take you there also!