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Photographs are fun to take, beautiful to look at amazing if you can capture an idea in the picture you take. For someone who has never taken pictures and wants to try, for someone who's just curious (.....), here is some advice in picture-taking:


First of all, you need a camera (obviously! How else were you going to take the picture?). It doesn't have to be a fancy, expensive camera, just a camera with which you could preferably focus on something then get closer or further away from it.


Find something that interests you, that you would love to have a picture of. If you want it to be interesting and original, don't even try to take a picture of something that's been "overused", like a famous monument for instance. Too many people take pictures of those, and even if they show up well, half of the time they look junky. Anyway, find something you would like to have a picture of. Sometimes (not always, but sometimes,) I've noticed that if your taking a picture of something a beautiful landscape, like a waterfall or something, if you take the picture so that the main form is slightly off to the side, it looks really good. For people on the other hand, fake smiles never work. Someone just looking at the picture can tell if someone has a hideously-fake smile pasted on their face. The person who is posing has to be natural-looking.


Now get it developed! The picture itself, the paper it's on, should be of good quality. Oh yeah, and remember that especially when you take black and white pictures, it's good to have contrast. Otherwise, the picture may look all misty and old, a loss of color.

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