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How to"colpire la palla"with your head.

I've been "colpire la palla"(which in Italian means header)for almost eight years now and I'M kinda good in doing so, but I'm starting to have problems in my head but that's fine cause I also became one of the best headers in the world. I've playing for the most important teams of the world and they pay me billions of dollars. Now I'm going to teach you how to head a ball, and maybe you will become as good as me but its not likely you will become as good as me.


When you are in a soccer field you always have to think about where the ball is and where you are. You follow the ball and what your teammate is doing, when you see him running on the side of the field to the goal you start running also towards the goal but in the middle of the field.


You keep following him and also keep watching the ball and when you see your teammate kicking a high ball toward the middle of the field you jump as high as you can while looking at the ball.


When the ball is near your head move your head forward with all your power trying to hit the ball towards the ground because its harder for the goal keeper to block it.

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