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Basic Omlette by Natasha

I chose to give a tutorial on the process of making omlettes because I have been making so many different type of eggs for a really long time. I also love making eggs or an omlette so it was something that I can easily explain without hesitation. I hope you enjoy reading this and that my steps will make some sense to you so that you will be able to make a simple omlette of your own. Have fun.


First, you must get the pan ready. Set the heat between medium and high. Then cut of a small piece of butter. After it melts rotate the pan a little so the butter spreads all over it.


After you have done that you must cut you fillings, ham, vegetables, whatever you want, not too much though. After you have cut them, put them into the pan and let them fry a little. Turn the heat down to medium.


Then, you must prepare the eggs, about two eggs per person. Pour the eggs into a bowl or a measuring cup. Beat the eggs and then add a little milk, not too much: reasonable amount. Beat the eggs again and let them sit for a while.


Now the vegetables or ham are ready and you pour the beaten eggs into the pan on top of the vegetables. Let the eggs fry too. Do not stir, this is an omlette not scrambled eggs. Wherever you see a bubble use your spoon and break the bubble apart as if you were stirring. Now the liquid from the top of the omlette should fall into the new space "allowing the uncooked eggs on top to flow underneath and make direct contact" with the pan ( Now all of the top should be ready, no liquid. If you would like cheese sprinkle it on top and let it melt itself.


Now to take the omlette off the pan take your spatula or spoon and separate the eggs from the side of the pan. Tip the pan vertically and move it to the side until you make half a circle on the plate, the other half you flip the pan over to make a fold in the circular omlette. Now you should have a semi-circle omlette. Decorate with whatever you like. Breakfast is ready.

All photographs were taken by me.