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How to make a 3d model of a mech

I know the most about 3d-modelling a mech because I know how to make 3d models and one of the 3d models that I have created happens to be a mech.


1. First, you have to have the program "Infini-D" and know how to use it in order to use this tutorial.  
2. Whenever I start 3d-modelling something, I start from the ground up. In this case, that would be the feet. This is probably not the most efficient way to do this, but that's ok, as long as you get the job done.
3. I started with the base of the feet by using a spline object that has the same shape throughout but tapers away at the top.
4. Then I added the toes which are simple extrusion objects. It uses a straight bevel with a size of 55.1.

5. After that I added the weird bolt thing that attaches the foot to the leg. It's another beveled extrusion object with the same bevel used for the toes.
6. The lower leg is actually made of two different objects. The first one is still another beveled extrusion object. The upper leg is the same thing but bigger with the bottom half cut off.
7. The top half is the same as the bottom half but rotated in a different direction to make an animal backwards-jointed look.
8. Of course, it's easier to walk if you have two legs, so I have copied and pasted the leg and put it a short distance away. Then, to make it more realistic, I connected them with a thin cylinder and added a black 'engine' cube in the middle of the cylinder.

9. After this I made the cockpit. This is just an extruded and slightly distorted quarter-circle. To make the glass windscreen I made a negative cube attached to the cockpit and made a smaller version of the cockpit with a glass texture.

The chain guns are made with a beveled cube and a smaller one for the laser sight. The actual laser is a highly focused red spotlight with visible rays. The barrels of the guns are made by copying cylinders with one end-cap in a circle.

The rockets are just boxes with rows of lathed pointed cylinders. I added a cube on the back just to make it look less flat from the back.

10. These are the two textures I used for the cockpit glass and the mech. I used a lighter version of the cockpit texture for the guns and missiles. I used a chrome environment map so my mech is reflective even if there is nothing to reflect.

Here is my real site with all of my mac programs!