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How to Hop on the Rear Wheel of Your Bike

Note: Mountain Biking is very dangerous, please try this at your own risk! Also please don't do this with clipless pedals. As Hans (the craziest and coolest biker in the world) says, "ride it flat". This will be easier if you already know how to bunny hop.


Be able to a rear wheel pick-up out of the saddle (seat). This is done by pulling the front brake and throwing all your weight forward. If you start to endo let go of the front break. As soon as you get good at this proceed to number two.


Then try this: out of the saddle pick up the rear wheel as above, then throw all your weight back. This will cause you to do sort of a stationary wheelie. If you can't get the wheel over your waist standing out of the saddle, push the pedals a little this will move the rear wheel forward making you go higher. Again if you start to endo (backwards this time) hit the rear brake. If you have not already hit the rear break pull it now having your front wheel in the air. Your arms should be bent and everything relaxed.


Now hop. Hop like you would on two wheel, compress, expand, compress expand etc. if your start to fall in a certain way jump that way (if your body doesn't do it automatically.