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With my free time, I do a lot of spinning and I believe I'm good enough to explain it to someone trying to mix two bumping songs together. I have put photographs taken by myself to help you understand.


First you have 2 songs with the same BPM (beats per minute). Put them on the turn- tables and play one side (left) with the fader on the side you are playing (left).



Then put the other record on the other turntable (right) and and put the headphone cue on the turntable you just put the record on (right). As soon as you have done this, with your finger stop the right turntable on the snare beat or bass (Make sure that the fader is on the side of the playing record so the audience can hear the music).


Then now that you have the snare or bass beat under your finger start it up with the record that is playing, corresponding with the snare or bass (left). And now that you can hear it match on your headphones and it sounds good, move the fader over to the right side so it fades into the other song. And if you have done this correctly... you have successfully mixed two songs together!