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How to make a simple Origami boat

I really enjoy making Origami and I have learned how to make most of the things that I know from my mom and friends. I hope you enjoy learning how to make a boat.


First you get a 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper. Then you fold that piece of paper in half.


Then you fold the two triangles to the center of the paper.


Then you fold the leftover rectangle flaps up on both sides. Then you pull open the middle so that you get a diamond shape.


After you get the diamond shape you tuck the corners on both sides in so that it's flat.


Then you pull open the middle until you get a triangle shape again. Then you pull open the middle again so you get a flower shape.


Then you pull open both of the triangles at the side. Then you flatten it out. And then you have your origami boat!



The images for this page were drawn by Elizabeth Lim