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How to blow the perfect bubble gum bubble

In this tutorial I will discuss the three most important steps of how to blow the perfect bubble gum bubble. In this tutorial I have selected the three steps that you have to follow in order to blow the biggest bubble of gum.


Pick out the best brand of bubble gum. The best most thick gum to use is Bazooka Joe or Dubble Bubble.


Depending on the brand of gum, whether its a big piece or a small piece take as much gum as you need to form a substantial size ball of gum.


When the ball of gum is in your mouth flatten it out and curve it around your tongue. Blow air through the flattened out gum, keep your mouth closed with the bubble sticking out. As the bubble grows bigger, keep blowing air. If the bubble becomes very thin it will pop. BEWARE OF POPPING!!


and Dana Isaac