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Roasting Marshmallows to Perfection

PS Before following these instructions, have a fire made that has burned down enough for there to be hot coals. Also, have a sharp stick, on which the marshmallow is stuck.

I am expert at this activity because I have had a lot of experience with different kinds of marshmallow, marshmallows from Australia and from the US of A. I have also been camping on numerous occasions, and my mother is the best marshmallow roaster alive.


Take the marshmallow stick in your hand and lower over hot coals until three inches above coals.


Rotate the marshmallow stick slowly, allowing time for it to heat the marshmallow, but not light it on fire or burn it. Continue doing so until marshmallow turns a light colour of brown.


When the marshmallow turns brown, remove the stick from above the the fire, and remove the marshmallow from the stick. Place in your mouth when sufficiently cooled and ENJOY!!

All drawings done by Hazen Clough in December, 2000.