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How to throw parties

I love to organize and throw parties. It gives me a chance to unwind and hang with my friends. I love to just be crazy, and at parties it lets me become the crazy person I am inside. Throwing parties give you a chance to show everyone who you are inside, without be embarrassed, this is my reason of doing my tutorial on throwing parties.



Think of a theme for your party, grab three of your friends to help your organize. (Ex: The millennium) Call the decorators to help you decide how to decorate the area and make a guest list. Decide what music you would like to play at the party so everyone enjoys it.


Hand out flyers for your party, make sure everyone knows about the party. Make it known. Make sure there is a RSVP list so you know exactly what people come and how many people will be attend.


The night of the party, have decorations set, food out, looking great and music in the player.